Felicity Porter
Ben Covington
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ben covington is the guy who wrote a mysterious note in felicity's high school yearbook and became the object of her unrequited love 


"I used to just hope Iíd run into him. And now, here we are kissing in the backroom and making plans. All I know is that I want this feeling to last the rest of my life. God, Sally, I donít know what this is. But I think, I mean -- maybe itís love."

- Felicity on her relationship with Ben

  • the popular guy from high school 
  • california born 
  • track star and swimmer 
  • lives in soho loft 
  • had a gambling problem 
  • has issues with his father 
  • attending EMT courses over the summer in kansas city
  • has decided to go into pre-med and become a doctor


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