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Amy Jo Johnson

in his early thirties, birthday july 11

a husband and father

hobbies: inventing things, sports, cooking


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  • plays sean blumberg: "the idea guy who is constantly struggling for financial freedom" 

  • person, album, book, movie and meal he would want to have for the rest of his life if stranded on a desert island: his wife, the book crossroads, the blues brothers soundtrack, the movie chitty chitty bang bang, & a life supply of krispy kreme doughnuts. 

  • amused by fart jokes and is not ticklish. 

  • commercials: a football fan covered in paint for rolaids, computer learning center, a nicotine-gum commercial

  • some of sean's inventions/get-rich-quick schemes are actually greg's (such as the disposable camera vending machines)

  • ran a successful frozen yoghurt delivery company

  • auditioned to play fred flintstone in the flintstones movie

  • favorite board game: backgammon 

  • favorite food: middle eastern food, like chicken or falafels 


at satchem farm the medicine show (2000) the hollow man (2000) the muse (1999)


baseketball (1998) senseless (1998) dinner and driving (1997) picture perfect (1997)
the trigger effect (1996) the pallbearer (1996) witchcraft v: dance with the devil (1993)   

tv shows

felicity (1998)      

tv movies

mr. murder (1998) frankenstein: the college years (1991) stolen: one husband (1990)   


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