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Felicity: Senior Year
has the following tracks:

Jude - King of Yesterday
Sixpence None The Richer - Melody of You
Ryan Adams - La Cienega Just Smiled
Chantal Kreviazuk - Far Away
Shawn Colvin - Anywhere You Go
Andy Stochansky - Here Nor There
Natalie Merchant - Tell Yourself
Barenaked Ladies - Call and Answer
Shelby Lynne - Bend
Kendall Payne - Scratch
Maren Ord - Perfect
54:50 - Casual Viewin'
Felicity Theme by JJ Abrams

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Episode 1 / Sophomoric
Album: On How Life Is - Macy Gray / Song: "I Try"
Album: She Haunts My Dreams - Spain / Song: "It's All Over Now"
Album: No One Is Really Beautiful - Jude / "I'm Sorry Now"
Album: Jordan's Sister - Kendall Payne / Song: "Closer to Myself"
Album: Good Feeling - Travis / Song: "I Love You Anyways"
The Dramatics / Song: "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 2 / The List
Album: Crash - Dave Matthews Band / Song: "Crash Into Me"
Album: Supernatural - Santana / Song: "Corazon Espinado" (Featuring Mana)
Album: Hello World - Belle Perez / Song: "Hello World" (single)
Album: Excerpts From a Love Circus - Lisa Germano / Song: "Small Heads"
Album: Vera - Jennifer Brown / Song: "Trembling"
Album: Left of the Middle - Natalie Imbruglia / Song: "Left of the Middle"
Album: It Hurts So Good - Millie Jackson / Song: "Love Doctor"
Album: Oh How Life Is - Macy Gray / Song: "Why Didn't You Call Me"
Episode 3 / Ancient History
Album: Bitter - Me'shell Ndegeocello / Song: "Loyalty"
Album: Tommy Henriksen - Tommy Henriksen / Song: "Beyond Life"
Episode 4 / The Depths
Album: The Best of War... and More - War / Song: "Low Rider" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 5 / Crash
Album: Without Condition - Ginny Owens / Song: "If You Want Me To"
Album: The Way We Are - Fleming and John / Song: "Ugly Girl"
Album: Boogie Nights: Music From The Original Motion Picture - Chakachas / Song: "Jungle Fever" - Thanks to Carissa!
Album: Cecil's Epitaph - Michèle René & Marmalade Skies / Song: "Forgotten"
Leon Hayward / Song: "I Want'A Do Something Freaky to You" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 6 / The Love Bug
Album: Sympathique - Pink Martini / Song: "Sympathique" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Suicane Gratification - Paul Westerberg / Song: "Born For Me" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Liquid Skin - Gomez / Song: "We Haven't Turned Around" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Greatest Hits: The A&M Years '87 - '94 - John Hiatt / Song: "Feels Like Rain" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 7 / Getting Lucky
Album: Boogie Nights: Music From The Original Motion Picture - Chakachas / Song: "Jungle Fever" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Afterglow - Dot Allision / Song: "Colour Me" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Michael Hutchence - Michael Hutchence / Song: "Possibilities" - Thanks to Jade!
Martin Gaye / Song: "You Sure Love To Ball" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 8 / Family Affairs
Album: Breakdown - Melissa Etheridge / Song: "Truth of the Heart" - Thanks to Carissa!
Album: Happy Town - Jill Sobule / Song: "When My Ship Comes In" - Thanks to Carissa!
Album: The Best of Marvin Gaye (Motown Anthology Series) - Marvin Gaye / Song: "Too Busy Thinking About My Baby" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Dirty Wake - Collapsis / Song: "Wonderland" - Thanks to Jade!
Burt Bacharach or Jack Jones / Song: "Wives and Lovers" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 9 / Portraits
Album: What A Wonderful World - Anne Murray / Song: "I Can See Clearly Now" - Thanks to Jade! :0)
Episode 10 / Great Expectations
Album: Feeling Strangely Fine - Semisonic / Song: "Gone to the Movies"
- Thanks to Angie! :0)
Album: How To Disappear - Lauri Kranz/ Song: "Adam One Afternoon"
Episode 11 / Help For The Lovelorn
Episode 12 / The Slump
Album: Magnolia: Music from the Motion Picture - Aimee Mann / Song: "Wise Up" - Thanks to Carissa!
Album: This Desert Life - Counting Crows / Song: "Amy Hits The Atmosphere" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Dream This - Joe 90 / Song: "Look" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 13 / Truth and Consequences
Album: Color of the Day - Red Engine Nine / Song: "Disease" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 14 / True Colors
Album: Passenger - Tara MacLean / Song: "Higher"
Album: Dazz Band - Greatest Hits - Dazz Band / Song: "Let It Whip"
Kathleen Wilhoite / Song: "You Move Me" 
Album: Rope of Sand - Tom Toth / Song: "Surprising Changes" 
Episode 15 / Things Change
Album: Cecil's Epitaph - Michèle René & Marmalade Skies / Song: "Forgotten"
Album: Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon / Song: "Send It Up" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: In Reverse - Matthew Sweet / Song: "If Time Permits" - Thanks to Jade!
Amy Cook / Song: "Magic Wand" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Umbrella - Umbrella / Song: "Fool's Bed" - Thanks to Jade!
Episode 16 / Revolutions
Album: Jordan's Sister - Kendall Payne / Song: "Closer to Myself"
Album: Pink Pearl - Jill Sobule / Song: "Rock Me To Sleep"
Album: Jill Phillips - Jill Phillips / Song: "Steel Bars"
Album: Predictable - Jennifer Davids / Song: "That's The Way It Goes"
Episode 17 / Docuventary II
Album: Musicforthemorningafter - Peter Yorn / Song: "Just Another"
Album: Seen A Ghost - The Honeydogs / Song: "Your Blue Door"
Episode 18 / Party Lines
Album: Under These Rocks And Stones - Chantal Kreviazuk / Song: "Green Apples"
Album: Fuzzbubble - Fuzzbubble / Song: "Ordinary" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Electro Glide In Blue - Apollo 440 / Song: "Carrera Rapida" - Thanks to Jade!
Album: Big as the Sky - A.M. Sixty / Song: "You You You"
Episode 19 / Running Mates
Album: Smile - Vitamin C / Song: "Graduation (Friends Forever)"
Album: Fuzzbubble - Fuzzbubble
Album: Gettin' High On Your Own Supply - Apollo 440 / Song: "The Perfect Crime"
Album: Electro Glide in Blue - Apollo 440 / Song: "Carrera Rapida"
Album: DavidOrris 3-Song EP - David Orris / Song: "Nowhere I Could Run From You"
Episode 20 / Ben Was Here
Album: Goldfly - Guster / Song: "Rocketship"
Album: Wrestling Over Tiny Matters - Sister 7 / Song: "Under The Radar"
Episode 21 / The Aretha Theory
Album: Heads Are Gonna Roll - The Hippos / Song: "Wasting My Life"
Album: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Sarah McLachlan / Song: "Ice Cream"
Episode 22 / Final Answer
Album: Audible Sigh - Vigilantes of Love / Song: "Nothing Like A Train"
Episode 23 / The Biggest Deal There Is
Album: Supergrass - Supergrass / Song: "Pumping On Your Stereo"
Album: Rapture - Peter Mulvey / Song: "On The Way Up"
Album: Creatures of Habit - Judith Owen / Song: "Message From Heaven"
Album: Very Best of Rufus - Chaka Khan / Song: "Sweet Thing"
Album: A Century Ends - David Gray / Song: "Let The Truth Sting"
Album: Still Burning - Mike Scott / Song: "Open"


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