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Did you know "Richard" in Felicity has his own band? It's called Louden Swain

The new Felicity theme song, "New Version of You" was written and performed by J.J. Abrams and Andrew Jarecki. A new longer version of the song will be included in the Felicity 2 Soundtrack. 

can you become
can you become
a new version of you

new wallpaper
new shoe leather
a new way home
don't rememeber

new version of you
i need a new version of me

new version of you
i need a new version of me

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Episode 1 / The Christening
Album: Miracle Time - Bus Stop / Song: "Checking The Damage
Album: Sniff - The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group / Song: "Baby Where Art Thou
Album: Been There - Ebba Forsberg / Song: "Lost Count
Album: Freaked Out and Small - The Presidents / Song: "Tiny Explosions
Album: Onka's Big Monka - Toploader / Song: "Dancing in the Moonlight" 
Episode 2 / The Anti-Natalie Intervention
Album: Greener - Polywog / Song: "How Does It Feel" 
Album: Truth From Lies - Catie Curtis / Song: "Troubled Mind" 
Album: Culture of Resistance - B-Side Players  / Song: "Culture of Resistance" 
Album: Yesterday Night - Weak Lazy Liar  / Song: "bright yellow bucket
Album: Press On Good Captain - King Lear Jet  / Song: "Spectre Chaser" 
Album: Dream This - Joe 90  / Song: "Truth" 
Episode 3 / Hello, I Must Be Going
Album: Good Dog Bad Dog... - Over The Rhine / Song: "Latter Days
Album: Jamestowne - Jamestowne / Songs: "Perfect World" and "Disheartened" 
Kit Hain / Song: "Because of You" and "Letting Go"
Album: Preserving The Eror - Robert McEntee / Song: "Where We Stand"
Katthult / Song: "One Day"
Episode 4 / Greeks & Geeks
Album: Kiss Me There - Jo Davidson / Song: "Fragile Tough Girl" 
Pork Pie / Song: "Like This"
Album: Umbrella - Umbrella / Song: "Unicycle"
Album: Public Places - Russell Simins / Song: "Public Places" 
Album: Hell in a Habitrail - Quickie / Song: "Quickie" 
 Vegas De Milo / Song: "Precious" 
Episode 5 / Surprise
Album: Depoet & The Monkey - Depoet & The Monkey / Song:  "Don't Want It" 
Album: Fran Lucci - Fran Lucci / Song:  "Mistakes I Made" 
Javier Mosley / Song:  "Epstein Bar" 
Mango / Song: ??? 
Rocketair / Song:  "Blame" 
Maren Ord / Song:  "Just Like You" 
Episode 6 / One Ball, Two Strikes
Album: Junior - The Slugs / Song: "Slipped Away" (listen to this song as well as the rest of the album!)
Album: Lay It Down - Jennifer Knapp / Song:  "A Little More" 
The Producers Lab / Song:  "Let's Get It Started" 
The Producers Lab / Song:  "Party Till Dawn" 
Album: Things You Should Leave Alone - Puracane / Song:  "A Little More
Album: Who Is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1 - Jill Scott / Song:  "Try" 
Episode 7 / Kissing Mr. Covington
Album: GQ's Greatest Hits - GQ / Song:  "Disco Nights (Rock Freak)"
Album: I'll Tell Lies - Terry Bright / Song:  "I'll Tell Lies" 
Tree Adams / Song:  "Jinx Tattoo" 
Gus / Song:  "Confetti" 
The Deep Jazz Project / Song:  "d'Jazz" 
The Deep Jazz Project / Song:  "Say Buddy" 
Sebastian Robertson / Raney Shockne / Song:  "Amsterdam" 
Episode 8 / One Good Egg
Album: Big Bang Theory - The Crash Poets / Song:  "Goodbye"
Album: Big Sir - Big Sir / Song:  "Lisa's Theme"
Nite Jacobs / Song:  "In You I Believe"
Tre / Song:  "Everything"
Episode 9 / James and the Giant Piece
Album: Super Sound - Pepe Delux / Song:  "Super Sound"
Asphalt Jungle / Song:  "Witchcraft"
Tahiti 80 / Song:  "Things Were Made To Last Forever"
Sunshine Fix / Song:  "Future History and The Irrelevance of Time"
John Gold Suite / Song:  "One Thing (Is Everything)"
Episode 10 / Let's Get It On
Album: Long Distance - Ivy / Song:  "Blame It On Myself"
Album: Long Distance - Ivy / Song:  "Disappointed"
Album: On How Life Is - Macy Gray / Song:  "Still"
Episode 11 / And To All A Good Night
Sebastian Robertson / Raney Shockne / Song:  "Amsterdam" 
Javier Moseley / Song:  "Bubble Bath" 
Album: Risotto - Fluke / Song:  "Absurd" 
Brad Hatfield Trio / Song:  "Swingle Bells" 
Album: Feliz Navidad - New York Latin All-Stars / Song:  "Jingle Bells" 
Album: Stay Human - Spearhead / Song:  "Sometimes" 
Album: Stay Human - Spearhead / Song:  "Love Will Set Me Free" 
Black Toast Music / Song:  "My Christmas Present To You" 
Album: Holiday Sparkle - The Accidentals / Song:  "Silent Night"
Album: A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi
 / Song:  "O Tannenbaum"
Mark Steven Ross / Song:  "O Little Town of Bethlehem", "O Christmas Tree", "We Three Kings"
Danny Pelfrey / Song:  "We Three Kings" 
Episode 12 / Girlfight
Jerryo / Song:  "Soul Sister"
Album: Sound of Wind Driven Rain - Will Ackerman / Song:  "Unconditional"
Album: Alert Today Alive Tomorrow - The Muffs / Song:  "Another Ugly Face"
Album: Far In - Fuzz Townshend / Song:  "At Auntie Tom's"
Darin Bennett / Song:  "Little Girl Godiva"
Album: Greatest Hits - Rose Royce / Song:  "I Wanna Get Next To You"
Episode 13 / Blackout
Album: You Were Here - Sarah Harmer / Song:  "Don't Get Your Back Up" (see the video)
Episode 14 / The Break-Up Kit
Album: The Turnpike Diaries - The Getaway People / Song:  "There She Goes" 
Album: The Turnpike Diaries - The Getaway People / Song:  "Six Pacs" 
Jarvis Church / Song:  "Shake It Off"
Album: Stepping Stones - Wendy Matthews / Song:  "Are You Happy?" 
Paul Cebar / Song:  "She's Found A Fool"
Album: Dragons Go Away - Ultrababyfat / Song:  "What He Said" 
Nile Jacobs / Song:  "It Brings You Down"
Album: Trickle - Olive / Song:  "Indulge Me" 
Album: Renacimiento - B-Side Players / Song:  "Baila" 
Album: Johann Sebastian Bach: The Complete Bradenburg Concertos - Bach / Song:  "Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G - Allegro Moderato
Episode 15 / Senioritis
Gretchen Lieberum / Song:  "Brazen Girl" 
Album: Pink Hearts Yellow Moons - Dressy Bessy / Song:  "Look Around" 
Josh Rifkin / Song:  "No One Loves The Rain" 
Gus / Song:  "Over A Great Wall" 
Art Garfunkel, Buddy Monlock and Maia Sharp / Song: "Bounce" 
Episode 16 / It's Raining Men
Art Garfunkel  / Song:  "Perfect Moment" 
Episode 17 / The Last Summer Ever
Album: You Were Here - Sarah Harmer  / Song: "Don't Get Your Back Up" 
Album: Truth From Lies - Catie Curtis  / Song:  "Troubled Mind" 
Liz Jackson  / Song:  "Any Other Way" 
Hank Frost  / Song: "Rogue River Fantasy
Darrin Bennett / Song:  "Reason To Cry" 
Teal Thompson / Song: "No Better Heaven" 


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