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noel crane is an aspiring graphic designer with a penchant for macs and girls who are trouble


ruby: Could Noel Crane be any cuter? Hes hes like this nerdy, graphic design type, but with a total stud body, that almost never happens.

felicity: Yeah, he is pretty cute.

- Felicity on her relationship with Ben

  • likable, helpful, understanding and nice 
  • last year of college; has a wealth of advice 
  • loves mac computers, fonts, and using photoshop 
  • highly allergic to beets 
  • studied graphic design in Berlin 
  • had a near-parenthood experience with ruby 
  • got married to javier's cousin, natalie [they divorced]
  • had a after-grad job in seattle, but it got cancelled
  • visit noel crane's home page at www.noelcrane.com
  • created "loser pet store" with felicity
  • ended up sleeping with felicity



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