Episode 12: Girlfight

The "Felicity" spring premiere episode begins where the December holiday cliffhanger left off - as gunshots rang out at Felicity's holiday party. In the mayhem that follows, everyone's lives will be forever changed.

  • During the shooting in the girls' apartment, Elena was grazed in the shoulder by a bullet.


  • A girl named Avery Swanson is critically wounded. 
  • Ben brings Avery Swanson to the hospital and watches as the paramedics miraculously bring her back to life. 
  • After her recovery, Avery thanks Ben by showering him with gifts. 
  • Felicity confronts Avery about her feelings for Ben and Avery acknowledges Felicity and Ben's strong bond.
  • Despite their talk, Avery increases her pursuit of Ben by giving him a motorcycle. 
  • Ben can't resist Avery's charm when she tells him their life-and-death experience in the ambulance connects them. 
  • Elena tries to empower herself by joining a self-defense class, but is crushed when she discovers Tracy is having sex with his new girlfriend.
  • Noel falls into a deep depression after the shooting, feeling that life has no meaning because it can be taken in an instant.
  • Even when 'Loser Pet Store' is successful, Noel remains uninterested until a brief fling with Avery perks him up. 

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