Episode 13: Blackout

An old flame appears as candlelight casts shadows of love in the wake of a big storm that snuffs out the power in Manhattan. 

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  • Sean arranges a screening of his video documentary for Meghan's visiting filmmaker friend Chris.


  • Chris and Meghan recall their teenage sexual experimentation a few years ago.
  • Chris professes that she still has feelings for Meghan (even though Chris is engaged to be married).
  • Meghan tells her she loves Sean... and guys. 
  • Ben faces getting kicked out of school if he doesn't pass an upcoming test. 
  • Avery (who still has a crush on Ben) offers to get him some past tests. He agrees.
  • Felicity overhears their plans and argues with Ben that he shouldn't cheat. He storms off, saying that maybe he isn't as smart as she is.
  • Noel shows Felicity a video of Ben that Sean took -- about how he loves Felicity.
  • Felicity goes to his apartment to apologize but finds him there with Avery. She gets upset and leaves.
  • Elena takes a joke from Noel seriously and mistakenly concludes that Tracy broke up with her because of her small chest. 
  • Elena stuffs her bra to prove her point and contemplates getting breast implants. 
  • Elena kicks Richard in the face when he tells her she's perfect and then attempts to grab her chest. 
  • Richard later convinces her that she doesn't need to change a thing about herself. 

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