Episode 14: The Break Up Kit

Ben's uncertainty about his relationship with Felicity is intensified when Avery extends an invitation to a weekend getaway in South Hampton.

  • Ben tells Felicity he is still confused about the future of their strained relationship.


  • Felicity suggests that they take a break from each other. 
  • Avery invites Ben to South Hampton with her, and he agrees, hoping it will help him sort out his issues.
  • Noel tries to console Felicity with a break-up survival kit.
  • Felicity drives to South Hampton to tell Ben how much she loves him, but he says that he is still confused.
  • Ben realizes Avery is not for him (despite her blatant attempts for his affection) and assures Felicity that he only wants her.
  • Elena's eyes are burned from a bad facial, and while forced to wear eye patches, she falls for a sweet guy named DeForrest.
  • When the patches are removed, she is surprised to see DeForrest's heavy size but has already fallen for his personality.
  • Molly returns to school for the first time since the shooting.
  • Meghan enlists Sean and Molly's help in a sťance to contact her dead dog. 

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