Episode 15: Senioritis

Noel is offered a job with a computer company based in Seattle, and Ben gets a phone call from a girl who tells him that Avery was rushed to the emergency room.

  • Avery tells Noel that something happened between her and Ben in the Hamptons.


  • Noel and Felicity celebrate Noel's new job offer in Seattle by secretly toilet papering the university library.  
  • Noel offers Felicity a job in Seattle with him. 
  • Ben gets a call that Avery is in the hospital from an overdose of prescription drugs. 
  • Felicity and Noel see Ben and Avery together, but Ben quickly explains what happened. 
  • Ben finds the "break-up kit" that Noel made for Felicity.
  • Avery arrives at the loft with flowers thanking Ben for helping her at the hospital. 
  • Noel comes home and accuses Ben of cheating on Felicity. 
  • Ben accuses Noel of trying to break up him and Felicity because he still has feelings for her. 
  • Felicity overhears that something happened with Ben and Avery; Ben admits that they kissed. 
  • Ben meets with Avery and tells her she can no longer call or see him. 
  • Noel impulsively kisses Felicity and tells her he still loves her. 
  • Elena and DeForrest study for the MCATs in a quiet hotel room. 
  • DeForrest cautiously tries to kiss Elena but she backs away. DeForrest leaves.
  • Although she isn't attracted to him, Elena forces herself to kiss him, but he senses her hesitation and stops her. 
  • Sean studies with a very attractive female rabbi for his bar mitzvah. 
  • Meghan is jealous and she breaks up with him, claiming they are too different religiously.
  • Sean convinces Meghan he wants to be with her and they need to go to couples counseling.

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