Episode 16: It's Raining Men

Chest pains force Javier to spend a few days in the hospital, and he leaves Felicity in charge of the coffee shop during finals. Sean and Meghan see a counselor to discuss their relationship. Meanwhile, Elena tries to mend fences with DeForrest.



  • Noel decides he can no longer be Felicity's friend after he admits his love for her. Felicity assures him that she still loves Ben.
  • Felicity takes over as manager at Dean & Deluca when Javier experiences chest pains at work.
  • After fire sprinklers flood the store, Noel helps Ben and Felicity clean up. However, the resentment between the guys turns into a physical fight.
  • Felicity realizes that she cannot have both Ben and Noel in her life. She declines Noel's offer of a Seattle internship to spend the summer with Ben. 
  • Elena goes to karaoke with DeForrest. They have a great time and they decide to see where their relationship takes them.
  • Sean and Meghan seek couple's counselling with Dr. Zwick. At first their role-playing leads to more arguments, but they finally begin to understand each other.
  • Everyone celebrates Sean's bar mitzvah. 

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