Episode 17: The Last Summer Ever

The third season of the collegiate drama concludes as the end of the academic year brings about various dilemmas for Felicity and her friends.

  • Felicity and Ben want to spend their summer backpacking in Maine.


  • Ben admits he's been accepted to an EMT summer program for paramedic training. 
  • Ben decides to go to Kansas City while Felicity stays at his loft. 
  • Meghan's parents offer Meghan and Sean their Swiss vacation home for the summer. 
  • Sean feels uncomfortable taking the offer, but finally agrees not to pass up the great opportunity. 
  • Tracy wants to rekindle his relationship with a reluctant Elena. 
  • Elena realizes that she still loves Tracy, and breaks up with DeForrest. 
  • Tracy surprises Elena by asking her to marry him.
  • Noel prepares for his graduation and new job in Seattle.
  • Ruby returns, also wanting to rekindle a relationship (with Noel). He declines.
  • Noel records a tape for Felicity, telling her that he needs time away from her but assures her they will be in each other's lives again. 
  • When Noel's Seattle job falls through, he returns to the loft and he and Felicity find themselves spending the summer alone together in New York.  

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