Episode 1: The Declaration

"Dear Sally. So I'm a senior now... officially. Have you ever had such a good summer... that it was sort of a problem? I mean I'm sure everything's going to be great, it's not like, you know... I mean, things have been... much more... complicated... than this."

 The episode begins with Felicity talking in her tape recorder to Sally...


Felicity has spent a carefree, platonic summer with Noel, but the new school year brings a reality check for her. Felicity faces the agonizing realization that the real world is only one school year away. 
  • Felicity's father fears she isn't taking her life seriously and pressures her about going back into pre-med. Felicity would rather stay in art, and tries to get into a prestigious Honors Art Program. Her father refuses to pay for the rest of her schooling. 
  • Ben is back in town with newfound direction - he wants to become a doctor. He takes extra courses and is focused on going to medical school. He and Felicity seem to have distanced from each other. 

Bride-to-be Elena antagonizes wedding planner Javier over her wedding dress. Javier later learns that she wanted to recreate the same dress that her mother wore when she got married.
  • Sean and Meghan bicker when Sean finds out that Tracy is an object of Meghan's sexual fantasy. 
  • Noel struggles to find his first job after college. He helps Felicity through her confusion about her future. 
  • Felicity and Noel end up kissing on the roof of the loft...


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