Episode 10: Fire

Noel looks into starting his own business and resolves to distance himself from Felicity, but an emergency at school brings them together in spite of their personal troubles.

  • Noel continues to see psychiatrist Dr. Auenrach.



Meghan comforts her younger sister, Lila.
Felicity drops by to see Noel.
Felicity realizes something is wrong at the art studio.



  • He encourages Noel to spend less time with Felicity, since she is distracting him from his goals.
  • Noel reluctantly agrees, and tells Felicity he needs space while he pursues his goal of starting his own graphics design company.
  • A fire breaks out in the administration building and Noel risks his life to save Felicity.
  • Felicity and Noel remain friends even though he still needs a little space to "get back on track".
  • Felicity pursues her dream of being admitted into Jeremy Cavallo's honors art program.
  • Cavallo advises her to focus on a cohesive theme; she chooses pinatas.
  • Her artwork is destroyed in the fire, but Cavallo sees enough of her work and admits her into the program.
  • Meghan's 16-year old sister surprises her with a six-month pregnancy.
  • Ben and Trevor prepare for their organic chemistry exam. Ben studies very hard, and receives a A.
  • When Ben learns that Felicity was in the fire, he calls her to see how she's doing.

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