Episode 11: A Perfect Match

Thanks to the weather, which delays her flight home for the holidays, Ben manages to catch Felicity in time to tell her he wants to get back together.

  • As Ben's father's health continues to worsen from liver failure, his mom wants to donate part of hers to help save him.






  • Ben doesn't want his mom to make any more sacrifices for the man who has disappointed them so many times.
  • When his father is unable to receive a liver due to the storm, Ben realizes that his mother's love for his father includes trusting that he won't break her heart again.
  • Ben supports her decision, and after a few nerve-racking hours in surgery, both his parents come out fine.
  • Noel has started his graphic design business but lacks clients.
  • Sean gives him a lead to a sporting goods store looking to build a web site.
  • Sean convinces Noel that they become partners, Sean handling the business and Noel handling the creative side.
  • Ben continues to call and visit Felicity, but he remains distant.
  • Ben's father tells Ben that there is nothing more important than loving someone.
  • Ben chases after Felicity at the airport and he tells her he wants them to start over.
  • She decides to stay in New York with Ben.
  • Felicity, Ben, Noel, and all of their friends go to the winter formal [Snow Ball]. They have a great time and wonder what the next year will be like for them.

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