Season 4, Episode 11: A Perfect Match

(season four winter finale)
Written by Julie Blumberg & Joy Gregory
Directed by Laurence Trilling
Transcribed by Bitca
Original airdate: December 19. 2001


Late at night, Ben knocks on Felicity's door. She answers it.
BEN: Hey.
BEN: Did I wake you up?
Felicity looks happy to see him, but maybe 1/4 asleep.
FELICITY: Um, no. Are you okay?
BEN: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I was just as the hospital. And then I was walking around and I just wanted to say hi.
BEN: My dad still hasn't gotten a liver.
FELICITY: Ben, I'm really sorry.
She goes out into the hall with him and closes the door behind her.
BEN: Yeah... My mom and I got tested. I'm not a match, but she is.
FELICITY: That's good isn't it?
BEN: Yeah, it's good but he's not letting her do it.
BEN: So what're you doing for winter break?
FELICITY: I'm going home.
BEN: You are?
FELICITY: Tomorrow, yeah. (pause. they stare at each other) Ben?
BEN: Yeah.
FELICITY: What're you doing? I mean, I know you wanted to say hi, but-
BEN: Do you want me to go?
FELICITY: No, I just... the last few weeks you've been stopping by, calling - it's great, I mean, I love seeing you - but it always ends with you pulling away. And then it just kinda hurts all over again.
BEN: Well, I'm sorry.
FELICITY: Ben, I wanna be with you. And if you were to tell me today that you wanted to start over, I wouldn't hesitate. But that's not what you're saying, is it.
BEN: I don't know.
Beat. Felicity nods.
FELICITY: It's late, I should go.
Ben nods. Felicity smiles.
FELICITY: Have a good break.
BEN: You too.
Felicity goes back inside, avoiding his eyes as she closes the door. Ben swallows.
Opening credits.

Guest starring:
John Ritter
Dee Wallace Stone
Bitty Shram
Brian Howe
Erick Avari

A pile of stuff on Felicity's bed. She picks up the necklace Ben gave her and puts it in a drawer with some pictures of them. Javier enters.
JAVIER: Okay, let me ask you something. Do we live in Indiana?
JAVIER: No. Nor do we live in Iowa, or Montana, or one of those other heartland places where they leave the back door open so the neighbors can drop by some homemade pies.
FELICITY: The door was unlocked.
JAVIER: Just please, lock the door.
JAVIER: So what are you doing.
FELICITY: Just packing things up.
Javier sits down on the bed.
JAVIER: Ah, Benjamin stuff?
FELICITY: (sighs) Yeah.
JAVIER: I did that with my Samuel stuff. Whatever you do, don't read the love letters.
Felicity smiles.
FELICITY: Too late.
JAVIER: You know what might make you feel better?
JAVIER: (happy) Getting all dressed up and going dancing with your best friends at the Snowball! I got us tickets! (holds up dance tickets.)
FELICITY: Javier...
JAVIER: Oh please don't say no this is our last winter formal ever. I invited everyone, you, me, Elena, Rita...
FELICITY: I can't Javier, I'm flying out today. I'm going home for the winter break.
JAVIER: You're leaving us?
FELICITY: Yeah, I just need to, uh, get out of here, and figure some stuff out.
Javier sighs.
FELICITY: But I'm gonna be back.
JAVIER: I know, I'm just gonna miss you so much.
FELICITY: I'll miss you too.
They smile.

Cut to Noel typing on his laptop. Sean exits the elevator with a rack of shirts.
SEAN: Hey!
NOEL: Hey.
SEAN: Just the man I'm looking for.
NOEL: Yeah?
SEAN: How's the graphic biz?
NOEL: It's going okay.
SEAN: Good. How many clients you got.
NOEL: Right now I have none.
SEAN: Wrong. You got one. I was at 8th Street Sporting Goods, trying to sell the guy some Shmeghan shirts, and uh, which he didn't want but it's his loss, anyway, and he said he's looking to expand, I told him about your business, and he's interested.
Sean hands Noel a business card.
NOEL: You're kidding.
SEAN: Nope. We got a meeting this afternoon.
NOEL: Oh that's great!
SEAN: Yep.
NOEL: We? You said- what do you mean, we.
SEAN: Look, Noel, uh, I know you wanna fly this baby solo, but the truth is 90% of business is getting business. And I think I've just proven that no one's better at that than me.
NOEL: What about, mixing friendship with business.
SEAN: No. Nothing bonds friends like success!
NOEL: I don't know, Sean.
SEAN: Alright, how about on a trial basis. We try it out for a couple weeks, see how it goes, if you don't like the team, then, you know, it's- hey. I got Shmeghan Shirts. All right? I'm fine.
NOEL: Okay.
SEAN: Really?
NOEL: Yeah, we'll try it.
SEAN: Good! Okay. Noel, it's just the beginning, man. This is gonna be huge.
NOEL: I hope so.

Cut to the hospital. Ben sits next to his dad's bed. They're watching basketball (I think, can't see the TV, just judging by the sound of the croud).
MR. COVINGTON: Turn the TV off for a minute.
Ben shuts it off.
BEN: Is there something wrong?
MR. COVINGTON: I was gonna ask you the same thing.
BEN: (laughs) What do you mean?
MR. COVINGTON: Lauren was here this morning, she told me about you and Felicity, that you're not together anymore. Look, if you're going to be mad, be mad at me. She didn't want to talk about it either.
BEN: Well, it's not that. It's not a big deal. You have more important things to worry about than-
MR. COVINGTON: Than my son's happiness? I don't think so. Tell me what happened.
BEN: (sighs) She cheated on me.
MR. COVINGTON: (regretting his question a little) Oh, I'm sorry. But you still love her.
BEN: Yeah, I do.
MR. COVINGTON: (slowly) But you think she might do it again?
BEN: No.
MR. COVINGTON: You know, pride is a stupid reason not to see someone.
BEN: It's not that.
MR. COVINGTON: Then what is it.
BEN: I honestly don't know.
MR. COVINGTON: You know, I have been lying in this bed week after week after week, and I've had a lot of time to think about things. Mistakes that I have made.
BEN: Dad...
MR. COVINGTON: Ben, listen to me. Loving someone. It's the only thing that really matters. It's the only thing.
Ben's mom bursts in.
MRS. COVINGTON: Andrew... Oh, Ben, you're here! Good. I just talked to Doctor-
MR. COVINGTON: Alison, we're not doing that surgery.
MRS. COVINGTON: Oh, we don't have to. They have a liver. It's in Philidelphia right now, but that transplant team's leaving any minute to go get it. We got it. You're gonna be okay.
They hug. Ben grins.

Javier on the phone in the kitchen. Elena, Felicity and Meghan are eating in the living room.
JAVIER: Of course it's depressing! You're watching them without me! The whole point was for us to watch this together. It can't be that disgusting. Well if you stopped talking to me I could get there a lot faster. Okay. Bye. (to the girls) That was Rita.
ELENA: The woman who has a crush on you?
JAVIER: She did have a crunch on me, but I took care of all of that.
ELENA: Uh huh.
JAVIER: I did! I told her everything. We are bonding.
MEGHAN: By watching porno together?
JAVIER: Okay Smartie Pants and Miss Nosey, it is not porno, Rita and I are video mating together.
ELENA: Oh, you mean video dating.
JAVIER: That's what I said.
FELICITY: You guys, I gotta go.
JAVIER: No not yet!
FELICITY: Yes, if I don't go I'm gonna miss my flight.
She goes to the door and gets her coat. Everyone puts down their food and follows her.
JAVIER: Are you sure you can't stay one extra day and come to the dance with us?
MEGHAN: Jeez, leave her alone Javier, she doesn't wanna go.
FELICITY: (hugging Javier) You can have fun without me. (hugging Elena) Have a great break.
ELENA: I'll miss you.
FELICITY: I'll miss you guys too.
JAVIER: Oh, think of us everyday.
Felicity turns to hug Meghan, but she puts her hand up.
MEGHAN: Oh, no I don't do good with goodbyes. I'll see you later.
FELICITY: (smiles) All right. (she picks up her bag and opens the door) I'll see you guys in a few weeks.

Cut to oustside. Felicity waves for a cab. Music: "Far Away" by Chantal Kreviazuk.

Cut to outside the hospital. Ben exits and closes his coat as it starts to snow. He thinks, then looks up at the sky.

Felicity puts her bag in a cab, then looks up at the dorm building. The snow falls fast. She gets in and closes the door.

Ben looks up at the sky, and starts walking, then running away from the camera. He runs through a croud towards the camera. Side view of Ben, still running. Front view.

Cut to the dorm elevator. Javier is reading something. Ben rushes out of the elevator, cold, wet, and out of breath.
BEN: Hi Javier.
JAVIER: Benjamin!
BEN: Javier, have you seen Felicity?
JAVIER: Oh you missed her she left for the airport an hour ago.
BEN: Wh-What airport.
JAVIER: I don't know. LaGuardia I think. Why?
Ben turns around and pushes the elevator button.
JAVIER: Are you going after her? (the elevator opens. Ben gets in, Javier follows) Oh you are! That is so romantic! Can I come with you?
BEN: No, you can't.
JAVIER: I understand, you wanna be alone.

Cut to gate 5B message board:

DEPARTS: 7:20 P.M.

Pan over to Felicity, reading a book.

Cut to Ben entering the waiting room at a run. He stops and stares at her. Felicity senses him looking at her and looks up from her book. Ben walks towards her, trying to breath. Felicity stands up.
FELICITY: What're you doing here?
BEN: I thought you'd still be here.
FELICITY: My flight was delayed.
BEN: You asked me last night why I stopped by. It's because I miss you. (Felicity is a little thrown, but in a good way) I wanna start over.
They kiss urgently, then hug tightly, and kiss again. They pull apart slightly.
BEN: You're not gonna leave, are you?
FELICITY: (laughing) No, I'm not gonna leave!
She throws her arms around him again, eyes shining.

Shot from outside through the snow-rimmed window. Ben and Felicity lie in his bed. He watches her sleep, then leans over and kisses her head. She wakes up.
BEN: (laughs) Hey.
FELICITY: How long've you been awake?
BEN: Uh, for a while. It's still snowing out.
FELICITY: (looks out the window) I'm so glad.
BEN: So what do you wanna do today?
FELICITY: Everything! What about you?
BEN: I have to go to the hospital, but later, I wanna take you out on a date.
FELICITY: What do you mean, a date.
BEN: Just, a date. (Felicity smiles) What?
FELICITY: There is this dance.
BEN: You wanna go to a dance?
FELICITY: I know sounds kinda stupid. But, um-
BEN: No, no it doesn't sound stupid, we can go to a dance.
FELICITY: You know what else I want?
BEN: What?
FELICITY: I wanna go sledding. I mean, Central Park is probably amazing right now.
BEN: (nods) Okay. (someone knocks on the door) GO AWAY!
FELICITY: (to the door) ...Please.
MEGHAN: It's your mom.
BEN: All right I'll talk to her and then we'll go, okay?
He gets up and pulls on a shirt as he opens the door. Meghan gives him the phone.
BEN: (phone) Hello.
Meghan enters the room.
MEGHAN: (amused) Hello! (Felicity giggles) Aren't you supposed to be in California?
FELICITY: (smiles) He came to the airport.
MEGHAN: Oooh. Can I just say, never doubt my spells.
FELICITY: I won't!
Ben comes back in.
MEGHAN: (whispers, to Felicity) Details later. (to Ben) Nicely done.
Ben closes the door behind her. He doesn't look like he just had sex anymore. He sits down on the bed and sighs. Felicity sits up.
FELICITY: What's the matter?
BEN: My dad's not getting a liver.
BEN: Yeah, they can't get it here because of the snow storm.
FELICITY: Ben, c'mere.
She hugs him.

Cut to 8th Street Sporting Goods. Sean and Noel are meeting with the owner, Eric.
ERIC: Okay, um, before we get started guys I just wanna tell you that I got some hesitations about this so-called website. I mean, it's a pretty big step for an operation like this.
SEAN: Eric. Yesterday. Didn't you say you were a dreamer?
ERIC: Yeah...
SEAN: Right. Right. This is how dreams are made. You gotta think big. Look around.
ERIC: I know. I just don't like being pushed.
SEAN: We understand that completely.
ERIC: Okay, well, show me what you got.
SEAN: You're gonna love this.
NOEL: (opening his laptop) Okay, so this is a site I made for myself, but it gives you an idea of what I do. You point it on a building and it takes you to that department.
Shot of the screen with a picture of a few UNY buildings. The owner moves the mouse over a building.
ERIC: Oh, that's pretty good.
SEAN: Well, we're the best out there.
NOEL: Thank you, yeah, I used buildings because the site's about going to school in New York, but for you we'd probably use something a little more sports related.
SEAN: Like balls. (The owner looks clueless) Tennis balls, basketballs, bouncy balls. Footballs.
NOEL: Sure. Yeah, you know, we could use balls.
ERIC: I don't know, I'm thinking maybe I should see something first.
NOEL: Yeah!
SEAN: Sure!
ERIC: I'm gonna be upstate next week, what about tomorrow? Can you get something to me by then?
NOEL: No. Tomorrow's-
SEAN: Sure. Tomorrow's absolutely, no problem.
ERIC: Tomorrow.

Cut to outside.
NOEL: Tomorrow's impossible.
SEAN: We have no choice. The guy was on the fence. It was the only we were gonna get this job.
NOEL: But I can't do the job! The site we showed him took a month to design!
SEAN: Nononono. You know what the difference is? Now you got me.
NOEL: I can't believe this.
SEAN: It's gonna be fine. Blumberg-Crane Graphics is on its way.
NOEL: Blumberg-Crane.
SEAN: I just wanna see how it sounds.
NOEL: It doesn't sound good.
Sean puts his hand on Noel's shoulder.
SEAN: So we'll come up with something else, we're a team, right? What about Sean-Noel Graphics?
NOEL: Get your hand off my back.
SEAN: Sorry.

Ben enters his dad's room, followed by Felicity. His mom is sitting by the bed.
BEN: Hey.
MRS. COVINGTON: Hi, honey.
They hug.
BEN: You okay? (she nods) Yeah. You remember Felicity?
MRS. COVINGTON: (smiles) Yes, hi.
FELICITY: (smiles) Hi.
MRS. COVINGTON: It's good to see you again. (Felicity nods) I just wish it were under different circumstances.
FELICITY: Me, too.
BEN: How's he doing.
MRS. COVINGTON: He's unconcious. They hooked him up to the resperator again this morning. I keep whispering like I don't want him to wake up. But I do. (crying) I want him to wake up so badly.
BEN: (hugs her) Yeah.
FELICITY: Ben, I'm just gonna go wait outside.
BEN: Nonono. Stay.
He crosses the room and takes her hand.
MRS. COVINGTON: I talked to the doctor already. And I told him I'm gonna go ahead and do it.
BEN: Do what.
MRS. COVINGTON: Donate part of my liver.
BEN: Dad said he didn't want that.
MRS. COVINGTON: I know. My surgery's scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
BEN: I really don't think that's a good idea.
MRS. COVINGTON: What other choice do we have.
BEN: I don't know. We could wait a little longer.
MRS. COVINGTON: Ben, I know it's scary. But it's not your decision.
BEN: Actually, Mom it is my decision. He gave me power of attourney. Which means that I speak for him when he can't. And I don't want you to do this.
MRS. COVINGTON: At least talk to the doctor before you make up your mind.
She leaves.
BEN: He said no I was there I heard him.
FELICITY: Maybe you should just hear what the doctor has to say.
BEN: I don't know what to say.
FELICITY: I'll go with you. I'll go with you okay?
BEN: Okay.
They hug.

Cut to Rita's apartment. She and Javier are video dating.
BILL: Hi! My name is Bill, and I'm thirty-seven years old, never married, and I enjoy... bowling, movies, uh, long walks on the beach.
Rita turns off the tape.
JAVIER: What? He was nice.
RITA: No, I don't like what he said.
JAVIER: What, he liked movies and long walks what's wrong with that?
RITA: That's so cliche!
JAVIER: Well cliches can be very good, you know exactly what you're getting.
RITA: (laughs) You're funny.
JAVIER: Rita, can I point something out to you please. (motions to his stack of about seven or eight tapes) This is my yes pile, (motions at the zero tapes in front of her) and this is your yes pile.
RITA: I know. I know, I'm impossible. That's why I'll be alone forever.
JAVIER: What are you crazy? Any guy would be a lucky duck to have you in his life.
RITA: Really?
JAVIER: Yes really. So let's do this. I have so many yeses that I can't choose. And you have no yeses, so you can't choose, so let's choose each other's dates!
RITA: That's a good idea.
JAVIER: Yes, it is! (picks up a tape) Just don't choose Daniel for me, because he's too good looking and I don't need that kind of trouble right now.
RITA: Oh I understand.
JAVIER: Okay. Okay.

Cut to the loft. Chinese food boxes, empty chip bags, and other empty food cartons litter the coffee table. Noel sits on the couch, working on the website. Sean enters carrying two cups of coffee.
NOEL: Okay, which do you like better, the moveable or the static.
SEAN: Let me see 'em again.
NOEL: Okay. (demonstrates) Moveable, static.
SEAN: The moveable.
NOEL: Really? You don't think it's too distracting?
SEAN: Yeah it's distracting, that's kinda why it's great. Oh, good you used my snowboard guy.
Animated snowboarder snowboards around the page.
NOEL: Yeah, it was a good idea.
SEAN: Thanks. You know, this is gonna work.
NOEL: I hope so. I hope Eric likes it.
SEAN: No, you and me, coming up with ideas. It's real. It's like a career.
NOEL: Yeah.
SEAN: Is that moveable?
NOEL: Yeah.

Cut to the hospital cafeteria. Ben and Felicity sit at a table. The "Ben and Felicity" piano instrumental by Danny Pelfrey plays.
FELICITY: You wanna talk about it?
BEN: I don't know. This is too much.
FELICITY: I know, it is.
BEN: I just can't stop thinking if this is the best case senario or if my mom goes through with it and they're both okay, what's the guarentee, how do I know he's not gonna do it again.
FELICITY: Do what.
BEN: Treat her the way he used to. She's gonna literally give him a part of herself and it could all be for nothing. I mean, how could I know that's not gonna happen?
FELICITY: You don't. You just don't. I think maybe you have to take a leap of faith. I mean, that's what love is. Risking a part of yourself.
The picture fades back and forth from Felicity to Ben.
FELICITY: Should we go back up?
BEN: No, I wanna stay down here. I don't wanna see her, I just wanna think about this.
Fade to side view of them.
FELICITY: All right. I'll see you there then.
BEN: All right.
Felicity gets up, rubbing his arm as she leaves. Ben sits and sighs.

Felicity enters the waiting room upstairs. Mrs. Covington is sitting, head down. She looks up as Felicity walks up to her.
MRS. COVINGTON: Oh, hi Felicity.
FELICITY: I brought you some tea.
MRS. COVINGTON: Thank you.
FELICITY: It's chamomile, I hope that's okay.
MRS. COVINGTON: (nods) It's perfect. Thank you.
FELICITY: Sure. (she sits down)
MRS. COVINGTON: Where's Ben?
FELICITY: Taking a walk.
MRS. COVINGTON: (nods) He's hiding.
FELICITY: He's worried.
MRS. COVINGTON: I know. He wants to protect me. He always has. (Felicity nods) I remember this time, Ben was, I don't know, ten years old. Andrew was drunk, and threw a plate at me. And he didn't mean to hit me, (touches her jaw line) but he really got me. I had stiches, but anyway, Ben was right there, by my side the whole time. I kept saying to him, it's okay, it's okay, so that he wouldn't be scared. But what I think he heard was it's okay, this is what love is. And I know that. And what I want to do for Andrew now can make a difference. I just wish Ben could see that, but he can't. (statement, not a question) I never taught him that, did I.

Cut to the website. A large "8" in the middle surounded by a circle, which the snowboard snowboards around like a halfpipe. The whole thing is really fun.
ERIC: This is good. This is really good!
NOEL: Thank you.
ERIC: This is really good! I'm not crazy about snowboarder guy, though.
SEAN: Really?
ERIC: Yeah I don't like him.
NOEL: Fine, fine, then snowboarder guy goes.
SEAN: Uh, no, no. Snowboarder guy is the link to the manufacturer's website.
ERIC: Yeah, well, it's kind of lame.
SEAN: Lame? Are you kidding? Snowboarder guy is exactly the opposite of lame. I mean, he makes the whole site work. You should really-
NOEL: But, we will trust your expertise.
SEAN: No! This is our expertise, are you kidding? This is what you're paying us for, right Eric? If you can't grasp what we're about, then, you know, maybe you should go with someone else.
Noel looks like he is in the middle of a nightmare.

Cut to outside.
SEAN: What was I supposed to do? The guy didn't appreciate our work.
NOEL: It was my work.
SEAN: What?
NOEL: Nothing, look, he didn't like one aspect of it, which just happened to be yours.
SEAN: Oh, so that's how it's gonna be now? We're keeping track of who does what?
NOEL: We're not keeping track, you're keeping track. All right, he didn't like your idea and you took it personally.
SEAN: I thought you liked snowboarder guy.
NOEL: I did!
SEAN: Really, you-
NOEL: Yes, Sean, but we needed this job!
SEAN: No, we didn't.
NOEL: What?!
SEAN: No, we didn't that's what a partner like me does for you. Because you're free to say no! No, listen to me, bozo. 'Cause you know that I have a zillion other jobs lined up!
NOEL: You do.
SEAN: Yes. Well, I will!
NOEL: So you don't!
SEAN: I will!
NOEL: Argh!

Cut to Epstein's. Javier's date sits at the bar with a beer. Javier comes up to him a little nervously.
PAUL: Javier!
JAVIER: Yes! Hi, nice to meet you.
PAUL: Nice meeting you.
JAVIER: Uh, should we get a table?
PAUL: Sure.
Paul stands up. He is about a foot shorter than Javier.
JAVIER: Ah, nice mousse.
Javier giggles, losing all interest.

Cut to Rita on her date. She's having a pretty good time.
RITA: I can't believe you worked on Coney Island.
RITA'S DATE: Tenth grade. I sold cotton candy.
RITA: Oh my god, popcorn. I was the first booth on the boardwalk for three summers.
RITA'S DATE: (holds up his hand) High five!
Rita nervously high fives him, losing all interest. He "woo"s.
RITA: Um, can you excuse me?
RITA: I just have to go to the bathroom.
Rita picks up her purse and goes around the corner. Her phone rings, and she fishes it out.
RITA: Hello?
JAVIER'S VOICE: What is the correct compliment for someone who is technically considered a little person.
RITA: Javier, I was just gonna call you.
Javier pours some tea back at the apartment.
JAVIER: How's your date going?
RITA: Well he's, a little enthusiastic. How 'bout yours.
JAVIER: It's not. I called it short. Pun intended.
RITA: Yeah, I think I'm gonna do the same thing.
RITA: Yeah?
Javier sits down on the couch.
JAVIER: What'm I gonna do I don't wanna be alone for the rest of my life.
RITA: Javier, any guy would be a lucky duck to have you in his life.
JAVIER: Oh you're sounding like me.
RITA: It's true! Why don't you come over to my place. We can hang out and have some fun.
JAVIER: That does sound nice.
RITA: Doesn't it? I'll see you later.
They hang up.

Ben walks over to where his mom and Felicity are sitting.
BEN: Hi. How's he doing.
BEN: Mom, are you sure you wanna do this?
BEN: Okay, then let's do it.
She smiles greatfully. Ben timidly smiles back.

Cut to the office of 8th Street Sporting Goods. Noel is showing Eric the website again.
NOEL: So, I got rid of snowboarder guy.
ERIC: Good yeah, I didn't like him.
NOEL: And instead you click here, and you're back to your online catalogue.
ERIC: Well that works. I like it. It's good.
NOEL: So uh... do we have a job?
ERIC: What about the big guy.
NOEL: Sean.
ERIC: Whatever.
NOEL: Look, I know that he seems argumentive, but that's all pure enthusiasm, I promise.
ERIC: Did you ever hear the story about the swimmer who strapped a hundred pound rock to his back?
ERIC: That's because the guy drowned. You got a rock on your back.
NOEL: Well look Eric, I appreciate the advice. But I have a partner. If you hire me, you hire us both.
ERIC: Okay. But I'm only talking to you.
NOEL: (smiles) Fine.
They shake hands.

Cut to Felicity and Ben in the waiting room, holding hands as Felicity reads the crossword outloud.
FELICITY: Okay. Some estate workers. Seven letters starting with a G.
BEN: I, I don't even understand the quote.
FELICITY: Neither do I. What about this one. Twelve letters, really bad TV show.
(it's probably D-A-W-S-O-N-S-C-R-E-E-K) A doctor interrupts them. (sorry, Creekers.)
DOCTOR: Excuse me, are you Ben Covington?
BEN: Yeah.
DOCTOR: Can I talk to you for a minute?
BEN: Yeah.
He gets up and they go into the next room. We can't hear their conversation as Felicity looks at them worriedly through the window. Ben comes back.
BEN: So, my mom's not doing so good. They don't know anything yet, she's still in surgery. Um, she's-she's bleeding, and I guess it won't stop.

Noel's room. He works on the website. Sean enters.
NOEL: Hey man.
SEAN: Hey. So uh, I was uh, just picking up a plant for Ben, and-
NOEL: Why're you buying Ben a plant.
SEAN: I'm dropping it by the hospital for his parents.
NOEL: Oh, good idea.
SEAN: So I'm in the store, and I look around and I have no idea the name of the store I'm in. No sign at all, not a logo in sight. So we're designing them one.
NOEL: Cool.
SEAN: Yeah! What're you working on?
NOEL: I'm, uh working on the sporting goods site.
SEAN: The 8th, what are you just messing around with it?
NOEL: No, actually I went back down and I talked to Eric Scott, and I got us the job back.
SEAN: (speechless for a few seconds) Did you get rid of the snowboarder guy?
NOEL: I got rid of snowboarder guy, yes.
SEAN: So you went behind my back.
NOEL: Sean, look, it's a good thing-
SEAN: Oh, that's a good thing. That's a great thing. That guy made me feel like an idiot, Noel, I mean, that was really embarassing for me.
NOEL: You know what? So what. So you were embarassed. I'm embarassed all day long. I'm a guidance councelor at the school where I just graduated with honors. Okay? I'm not just watching these kids pass me by, I'm helping them do it. Look, Sean, I wanna work with you. I really do. But you're not making this very easy. I just, I wanna move ahead with my life.
SEAN: So do I!
NOEL: I wanna be a success.
SEAN: And I don't?
NOEL: It doesn't seem like you do.
SEAN: (pause) I guess you're right. Friendship can't survive buisness.
He leaves.

Cut to Ben pacing in the waiting room. Felicity enters, carrying a drink and a salad type thing.
FELICITY: Hey. (she gives him the food)
BEN: Thanks.
FELICITY: You're welcome. I just saw Sean and Trevor in the lobby. They wanted to know if they should come up.
BEN: No. (he stares at his hands) I knew this was gonna happen. I knew it. It's just not fair.
FELICITY: No, it's not.
BEN: What were you guys talking about yesterday, you and my mom.
FELICITY: Um, she was telling me about you. When you were a little boy, how you used to always want to protect her.
BEN: Yeah, I did a great job this time.
FELICITY: Ben, you did everything you could do. She loves him.
BEN: Yeah, I know.
FELICITY: You want me to go tell Trevor and Sean to leave?
BEN: Yeah. (Felicity gets up) Wait. (she turns around) You're gonna come back, aren't you?
FELICITY: Of course I am.
BEN: Okay.
Ben slumps back in his chair as Felicity exits.

Felicity sits on a hospital bed, reading. Ben enters, looking happy/relieved.
BEN: Hey. My mom's okay, she's gonna be okay.
BEN: I just talked to the resident, she's in the recovery room, everything's fine.
FELICITY: Ben, I'm so glad. (hugs him, he hugs her back) I'm so glad.
They break apart, still holding onto each other's arms.
BEN: I am so hungry. (Felicity laughs) Do you wanna go get something to eat?
FELICITY: Sure, yes.
BEN: Let's go downtown.
FELICITY: That sounds perfect.
BEN: Isn't there a dance or something you wanna go to though?
FELICITY: Yeah, but that's okay.
BEN: No, no no. Let's go. You wanted to go, let's go.
FELICITY: Are you sure?
BEN: Yes, I am. Let me just wait for them to bring my dad back because I haven't seen him yet and then I'll meet you over there.
BEN: All right. I'm glad you're here.
FELICITY: It's where I wanted to be.
BEN: Okay.
The smile and hug again.

Cut to Meghan adjusting Sean's tie in the loft.
MEGHAN: Hold still.
SEAN: Just don't handle me, okay? Just don't
MEGHAN: I don't understand why you didn't just get a clip on.
SEAN: Because I don't wear clip ons anymore. It's not manly.
Noel enters.
NOEL: Hey.
MEGHAN: Do you know how to tie a bow tie?
NOEL: Yes.
SEAN: You know what, I'm fine. I got it.
MEGHAN: No, you're not we've been here for twenty minutes and I gotta go do my hair.
NOEL: Yes.
MEGHAN: Okay, thanks. (she leaves)
NOEL: I got some papers for you to look at.
Sean opens the folder Noel hands him.
SEAN: These are bank forms.
NOEL: Um hmm. I opened a business account. You just have to co-sign it.
SEAN: (still mad) Well there's no cash in the account.
NOEL: I know. We got an advance.
They stand in silence. Sean huffs.
NOEL: (motioning to Sean's untied tie) Can I, should I...
SEAN: Yes! Please do!
NOEL: If you don't want me to do it...
SEAN: No, sorry. Yes. Please.
Noel ties the tie. It's obviously not his first time. Sean calms down.
SEAN: This morning I saw a bunch of kids bumper skiing up fifth avenue, you know they were holding onto the back car and getting pulled through the snow.
NOEL: (mumbles something)
SEAN: You know what? This job still feels like that for me. It feels like I'm getting a ride off of you.
NOEL: No. This wouldn't've happened without you. Besides, 90% of buisness is getting buisness.
SEAN: Noel, anybody can do that.
NOEL: (raising his voice a little) I can't do that. You're good at it. And I like working with you.
SEAN: You do?
NOEL: (loud) Yeah, I do. We just need some ground rules about buisness and friendship.
SEAN: Oh, now we got rules!
NOEL: Yeah, we got rules. Friendship comes first. (he finishes the tie)
SEAN: Well that's not very cut throat. (re: tie) Thank you.
NOEL: You gonna sign the papers or not?
SEAN: Yeah. (he bends down to sign them) Why don't you come tonight.
NOEL: To the snowball, no.
SEAN: Why not, it's gonna be fun!
NOEL: Because I don't go to school there.
SEAN: And I do? Look, all your friends are gonna be there- You know what? I'm gonna go with both my partners.
NOEL: All right.
(Note: Throughout the entire conversation, neither Sean nor Noel has smiled or used a "non-angry" tone of voice)
They smile. Sean signs the papers.

Cut to the hospital. Ben sits by his dad's bed. He wakes up.
BEN: Hey. Dad. Hey.
BEN: How ya doin'. So, Mom and I pulled a fast one on you.
MR. COVINGTON: You do that a lot.
BEN: (smiles) Yeah. (beat) I did listen to one thing you said. I talked to Felicity. (Mr. Covington tries to smile) I just hope that we don't keep hurting each other.
MR. COVINGTON: You will. That's what life does. It tests you, but you love each other. You'll pass the tests.
Ben nods. Long pause. He swallows.
BEN: Like you and Mom.
BEN: Yeah.
Pull back. Ben takes his dad's hand.

Cut to the Snowball. Music plays. A few people dance. Pan to Noel in a tux, alone with a glass of champagne. Ben makes his way through the crowd to him, in a suit.
BEN: Hey.
NOEL: Hey. How's it goin'.
BEN: It's goin' alright. How you doin'.
NOEL: Good. I'm good. I heard you're parents are better.
BEN: Yeah.
NOEL: That's great.
BEN: Yeah, it is.
NOEL: Look Ben, I'm sorry about everything that happened. With Felicity. It's my fault, and it shouldn't've happened.
BEN: (smiles) Uh, forget it, that's what I'm trying to do. I just wanna try and forget it.
NOEL: Thank you.
Felicity comes up to them. The party music fades out as the Pelfrey piano theme plays, the one they've played whenever Ben and Felicity are in the same room this entire ep.
FELICITY: Hey! You're here.
BEN: Yeah, I'm sorry I'm late, I was with my mom and dad and then-
FELICITY: That's okay.
NOEL: Well, I'm gonna go embarass myself on the dance floor.
FELICITY: What, what were you guys talking about?
BEN: (grins) Nothing. Everything's fine.
BEN: Yeah.
FELICITY: (giggles) You wanna come dance with me? (he laughs) C'mon. Come dance with me.
Montage. "Linda's Song" continues to play. Ben and Felicity dance next to Elena. Meghan, Ben and Felicity dance. Ben and Felicity dance.

Cut to outside, it's still snowing. The group walks down the sidewalk, laughing. Sean and Meghan, Ben and Felicity, Elena, Javier. Noel walks at the edge of the street, separated slightly from everyone.
FELICITY: I don't wanna go!
JAVIER: Oh you have been bitten by the boogie fever!
MEGHAN: Let's go to that diner on tenth.
NOEL: Oh, I like that place.
FELICITY: Yeah, let's go there.
SEAN: Do they have french fries? I am sooo craving french fries.
MEGHAN: French fries?
NOEL: French fries sound good.
SEAN: All right, you know what, french fries on me for EVERYBODY!
Everyone laughs.
FELICITY: What's gonna happen?
BEN: What do you mean?
FELICITY: I mean with us. This time next year, we could be anywhere. What're we gonna be doing? It's like the end!
JAVIER: Yeah, what're we gonna be doing?!
They all laugh hystarically. Long shot from the back. Everyone walks on the sidewalk except Noel, who walks on the edge of the street, looking around at the city. Pull up as they continue to laugh.

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