Episode 12: Future Shock

Reunited, Ben and Felicity are ready to get on with their life as a couple while pursuing their career plans in the last semester of college.

  • Ben and Trevor have been chosen by their chemistry professor to be assistants in a study, which will help with medical school.





Felicity and her friend Owen, a fellow art student, pursue the less promising paths of lugging their art portfolios around to local galleries.
Unfortunately, no one is interested in reviewing the art of an unknown artist.
  • Felicity worries about how she'll support herself as an artist.
  • When her mother comes to town, Barbara does little to support Felicity's dream, instead of suggesting career in real estate like she herself.
  • Felicity's confidence is further shaken when Elena is accepted to medical school and has such a clear career path.
  • Ben's future takes a turn when his father's AA sponsor Lauren tell him he's pregnant with Ben's child.
  • Although they got together when he and Felicity had broken up, Ben is reluctant to believe the child is his.
  • He takes a paternity test and learns that he is the father.
  • Lauren doesn't want any commitment from Ben, she just wanted him to know that she's going ahead with the pregnancy without him.
  • He agrees he doesn't want to raise a child at this point in his life.
  • With a heavy heart, he tells Felicity the news about Lauren and assures her that it doesn't change anything between them.
  • Sean and Noel find themselves pitching the same account as Webb Graphics, Noel's former employer who fired him for messing around with the boss's daughter.
  • Noel runs into Zoe Webb, and their mutual attraction to each other is rekindled.
  • The account offers Noel and Sean the job.
  • Webb Graphics is so determined to have the account that they offer to merge their company with Noel's.
  • Noel is reluctant at first because he really likes Zoe and wants to pursue a relationship with her, which would be weird if he was her father's partner.
  • Sean reluctantly agrees matters of the heart take precedence.
  • Zoe reveals that she's seeing someone else, so Noel decides to merge his company with Webb Graphics.
  • The first day of the job, Zoe informs Noel that she broke up with her boyfriend.

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