Season 4, Episode 12: Future Shock

"Future Shock"
(season four spring premiere)
Written by Josh Reims
Directed by Keith Samples
Transcribed by Bitca
Original airdate: March 12. 2002


Previously on Felicity:
Noel and Zoe make out.
ZOE: Dad?!
NOEL: Uh, Mr. Webb!
WEBB: I'm firing you.
NOEL: You're firing me.

Art studio, Felicity and Owen.
OWEN: Yeah.
FELICITY: Do you wanna go out sometime?
OWEN: You mean and have fun?
FELICITY: (laughs) Yeah.

Ben and Lauren on her couch.
LAUREN: Just one night, okay? Just tonight.
They kiss.

The loft. Sean, Ben and Noel are hanging out with beers. Music: Lisbeth Scott, "Blue to Black."
SEAN: C'mon, you gotta ask her out.
NOEL: I'm not asking her out, she's cute.
FELICITY: (entering) Who's cute.
SEAN: This girl Joanna who lives upstairs was hitting on Noel.
NOEL: No she wasn't hitting on me! She- her mailbox was stuck and she asked me to open it.
Felicity gets a drink from the fridge, smiling.
SEAN: Okay, I'm sorry. (beat) Would you try and open my maaaailbox?
NOEL: Okay, you guys discuss my social life, I'm gonna go get some work done.
He grabs his beer and gets up.
SEAN: Hey, Noel, you can't work all the time.
NOEL: Oh, that's great to hear coming from my business partner.
BEN: You've been parked in front of the computer all day!
NOEL: We're pitching this huge account tomorrow.
SEAN: Which we're gonna nail.
NOEL: Yeah, exactly.
FELICITY: So why don't you ask Joanna out afterwards and celebrate?
NOEL: No. I'm not taking Joanna out, I'm not taking anybody out.
NOEL: Because! I'm... getting my-my ducks in a row. (everyone looks at him) It's a saying, I'm getting my ducks in a row. I'm getting my life in order, things back on track. So, I- I don't jump into anything.
Someone knocks on the door.
SEAN: Hey, maybe that's her! Maybe she needs help opening her apartment door.
Felicity laughs, Noel answers the door.
LAUREN: Is Ben here?
NOEL: Yeah.
Ben gets up and goes to the door.
BEN: Hi.
LAUREN: Hi, sorry to interrupt.
BEN: No, what's up? What's going on?
LAUREN: Uh, I just came here to talk to you about something. But I can see this is a really bad time...
BEN: It's not a bad time. Let's go outside.
BEN: Yeah.
They go into the hall and close the door.
BEN: What's going on, is it my dad?
LAUREN: Oh, yeah, your dad's fine. It's me, actually.
BEN: What is it?
LAUREN: Um... I'm pregnant.
BEN: (shocked) What?
LAUREN: And I think it's yours.
BEN: Wait, you think it's mine?
LAUREN: No, um, it's yours. Look, I know this comes as a big shock.
BEN: (rubs his forehead) Oh my god. Yeah. Are you um, are you keeping it?
LAUREN: Yeah. But I'm not asking you to do anything. I just thought you should know. (Ben looks a little lost) You know what, just call me if you want. Okay. (kisses him on the cheek)
BEN: Okay. All right.
Lauren leaves. Ben braces his hands against the wall for a few seconds, then reenters.
FELICITY: She sounds really nice, Noel.
SEAN: You should ask her out!

Cut inside.
FELICITY: She seems really nice, Noel.
Ben comes back in. Felicity looks up.
NOEL: I am not asking her out.
SEAN: Why? I think she likes you.
Ben half smiles, almost like everything is okay.
Opening credits.

Guest starring:
Shawn Hatosy
Lisa Edelstein
Jim Ortlieb
Christopher Gorham
Sarah Jane Morris
Christopher Allport
Saxon Trainor
Alyson Reed
and Eve Gordon as Barbara Porter

Felicity sits on her bed, recording to Sally. Music: Starsailor, "Good Souls."
FELICITY: Dear Sally. So it was the beginning of second semester, senior year. And I guess you could say it was getting to me. Just, the way everybody is. How they all know exactly where they're going.
Cut to Felicity walking on the sidewalk, carrying her portfolio.
FELICITY VO: More than ever, I felt the future barreling towards me. And I had no idea what to do with it. So when Owen asked me if I wanted to go to some galleries to show my work, I had to say yes.
Owen walks up to her. They talk and laugh.
FELICITY VO: We started in Chelsea. Apparently, that's where all young artists in New York go to face rejection.
They stand together in front of a building.

Cut to later. Felicity and Owen walk with their portfolios.
FELICITY: Did you see that woman behind the counter?
OWEN: Reading InStyle magazine.
FELICITY: She can read that but she can't take five minutes out of her day to look at our portfolios?
OWEN: I think most people would rather read InStyle than look at our portfolios.
FELICITY: Yeah, most people don't work in an art gallery.
OWEN: You know, it took Cézanne years before anyone would look at his stuff.
FELICITY: That doesn't make me feel any better.
OWEN: Come on, I just compared you to one of the greatest painters of all time!
FELICITY: That's true. Okay, it makes me feel a little bit better.
OWEN: Good. Now let's get some food because all this rejection is making me very hungry.
Felicity laughs.

Cut to O-Chem.
HODGES: Mr. O'Donnell, Mr. Covington. I'd like a word with you two after class.
TREVOR: I didn't even know you and Lauren hooked up.
BEN: I don't wanna talk about this right now.
TREVOR: All right. But how do you know it's yours.
Ben swallows.

Later. Ben and Trevor go to Hodges' desk.
BEN: Sir, you wanted to talk to us?
TREVOR: If this is about last week's lab-
HODGES: It isn't.
TREVOR: 'Cause we can redo-
HODGES: It's not. I'm doing a study for publication, and I'd like you two to be the research assistants.
BEN: A-are you serious?
TREVOR: Well, when you say study for publication, does that mean that our names'll be on it too?
HODGES: It does.
TREVOR: Oh, sweet! Do you know how good that's gonna look on a med school application?
HODGES: Hang on, this is my research. Not some class assignment. It's serious. You can't make mistakes. Do you understand that?
BEN: I understand that. (to Trevor) Do you understand that?
TREVOR: Yeah, yeah.
HODGES: Okay. (hands them each a piece of paper) I'll see you tonight, eight o'clock, Lelic Hall, room 502.
TREVOR: Thank you!
BEN: Yes, thank you.
TREVOR: Can you believe this? Just when you thought your life was over, Bill Hodges to the rescue, huh?

Sean and Noel, nervous about pitching the huge client.
SEAN: Instead of revitalize we say, uh, reenergize.
NOEL: I think revitalize is more active.
SEAN: Okay. Oh, I'm so nervous. And I'm sweating. Can you tell that I'm sweating?
Zoe Webb enters. (you know, Noel got fired for fooling around with her by her father)
NOEL: Are you okay?
SEAN: I'm sweating!
ZOE: Oh my god, Noel?
NOEL: Zoe. Hi.
He gets up.
ZOE: What're you doing here?
NOEL: Um, I'm pitching the CGG account.
ZOE: (smiles) So'm I.
NOEL: Really?
ZOE: Yeah. I was just thinking about you the other day. How are you?
NOEL: I'm good, I'm good. Yeah, I started my own graphics firm.
ZOE: Wow. Congratulations. (beat) You are so good, you deserve your own firm.
NOEL: Well, I do, now. So...
ZOE: Uh, I should probably go. It was great seeing you. Good luck with the pitch, and everything.
Zoe joins her coworkers across the room. Noel sits back down.
SEAN: What was that.
NOEL: Ahh ... that was Zoe Webb.
SEAN: That's the girl?!
NOEL: We're never getting this account. Come on. Webb?!
SEAN: No wonder you wouldn't settle for Joanna. She's incredible.
NOEL: I've been down that road and it didn't work out. Oh, her dad's here.
SEAN: That look she gave you...
NOEL: Remember the phrase, ducks in a row?
SEAN: Fine. She is incredible.
NOEL: I know.
SEAN: Okay.

Cut to an acting class. Meghan is trying to bribe the teacher.
MEGHAN: A hundred bucks you let me have this class.
PROFESSOR: Excuse me?
MEGHAN: Okay fine, two hundred. Come on, you're a professor! That's more than you make in a week.
PROFESSOR: I think it's time you take your seat.
MEGHAN: No! It's time for you to listen to what I'm saying. Acting is not my thing, okay? I mean, you get off on getting up in front of people and pretending to be someone you're not, I don't. The only reason they assigned me this class is I need it to graduate. (Javier comes up behind her)
JAVIER: Is it? Oh it is! Oh Meggy! You're in this class now?
JAVIER: Oh it's perfect! You can be my new scene partner! Oh, you were born to play this part.
MEGHAN: What part?
JAVIER: Oh, Margo Channing in All About Eve!
MEGHAN: That sounds like a porno.
JAVIER: Okay you can bite your tongue now. All About Eve is classical, okay? It's the role of a lifetime. You listen to me.
Javier goes to sit down. The professor nudges Meghan.

Cut to Ben's room. Felicity enters. Music: Shannon Moore, "Belief and Hailstones."
BEN: Hey.
BEN: How's
FELICITY: Great. The waitress at Pizza John's thinks I have a lot of talent, and-
BEN: Hey, c'mere. C'mere.
She sits on his lap.
FELICITY: At least I'm in good company. It took Cézanne years before anyone'd even look at his paintings. (she sighs, and realizes there's something wrong with Ben) What?
BEN: Nothing.
FELICITY: Are you sure? You seem like something's wrong.
BEN: Everything's fine, I just got a lot going on. And I don't think I can have dinner with you and your mom tonight.
BEN: Hodges asked me and Trevor to be his research assistants.
FELICITY: Oh my god!
BEN: Yeah.
FELICITY: Congratulations!
BEN: Thank you, yeah. It's a project on carbon-(somethings).
FELICITY: I won't even ask! (well, at least I'm not alone)
BEN: Yeah, I don't really know what it means either. I just know that I have to check on the experiment every twelve hours. But I am sorry, I know you don't like being alone with your parents.
FELICITY: No, it's okay. Besides, it's just my mom this time. I'm looking forward to it.
BEN: Okay.
FELICITY: Wow. Research assistant. That's so, I mean that's so great!
BEN: Yeah.
FELICITY: Things are really coming together for you.
BEN: Yeah. Yeah.

Cut to the kitchen. Sean is putting on his coat. Noel is micro-waving some food.
SEAN: Hey, I'm meeting Meghan at the corner bistro. You wanna come?
NOEL: No thanks, I'm gonna stick around here, get a bite to eat, do some work.
SEAN: You sure?
NOEL: Yeah, yeah thanks.
SEAN: All right, well, I'm serious. If you don't get out of this apartment, you're never gonna meet anybody.
NOEL: Okay, see ya.
Sean leaves. The microwave beeps. Noel opens it and takes out the food. He gets out a fork and sits down at the table with his laptop. He tries to take a bite, but the entire contents of the container is stuck together. He jabs at it for a few seconds, than folds his arms. He thinks, then picks up the phone.
NOEL: Hi, Manhattan, please. Yeah, it's a residence. Zoe Webb.

Cut to Felicity's mother looking at her slides at the restaurant.
FELICITY: You can't really tell much from the slides.
MRS. PORTER: Oh no, these are terrific.
The waiter comes with their salads.
WAITER: Caesar, garden.
MRS. PORTER: So, how does this work? You just go from gallery to gallery...?
FELICITY: Yeah. The problem is most galleries here won't even consider work from unknown artists.
MRS. PORTER: That must be discouraging.
FELICITY: It's frightening. Especially when I think this is how I wanna support myself.
MRS. PORTER: Well, that's what your father's worried about.
FELICITY: Well, I'm sure it's gonna work out, I mean, this is just kinda how this works. Look at Cézanne. It took years before people accepted his work.
MRS. PORTER: I love Cézanne.
FELICITY: How 'bout you? How're things at home?
MRS. PORTER: Actually, they're very good. I'm studying for my real estate license.
MRS. PORTER: Yeah, I take the exam next week.
FELICITY: I didn't know that that was something you were interested in.
MRS. PORTER: It's not, it just sort of happened. I saw Jill Cosman at the market, we started talking.
FELICITY: Wow. That's great. (beat) So what about your writing?
MRS. PORTER: That was never really anything.
FELICITY: But I thought that's what you wanted. You were taking all those classes, and writing those short stories, I mean, you were so excited!
MRS. PORTER: It just wasn't very realistic. (Felicity thinks she's crazy) Actually, that's something for you to think about.
FELICITY: What do you mean.
MRS. PORTER: Real estate is a great career. You make your own hours, it's a good salary.
FELICITY: You want me to be a realtor?
MRS. PORTER: We could do it together! In fact, I have Tom Harris's number with me, (pulls a card out of her bag) he's the corporate manager at the San Francisco office, I'm sure he knows of some people you can talk to here in New York.
FELICITY: Mom, I'm not gonna be a real estate agent. I'm doing art. This is what I'm doing.
MRS. PORTER: Oh okay. It was just a thought.
They go back to their salads.

Cut Lauren's building. Ben knocks on her door. She answers.
LAUREN: Hey. I got your message. Come in.
BEN: Uh, no, I'm all right. Look, I know you're convinced that it's mine, but I'm not.
LAUREN: Are you sure you won't come in?
BEN: Yeah.
LAUREN: Look, Ben, I know this is hard...
BEN: There's a test. And I think we should take it.
LAUREN: Um... okay if that's what you wanna do.
BEN: Yeah it is.
BEN: So I'll set it up.
LAUREN: Great.
BEN: Okay.
He leaves.

Meghan and Javier watch "All About Eve." Meghan looks disdainful, Javier, ecstatic. After a few lines, Meghan gets up in a huff.
JAVIER: What're you doing, she's just about to talk about the-
MEGHAN: You think I'm like that?
JAVIER: Yes, isn't it great?
MEGHAN: No! It's worse!
JAVIER: I know, it's like the writer had you in his head when he was making the role. (Meghan charges out of the room) What, you don't see any similarities? Always so mean, always yelling at everyone, she's just like you!
MEGHAN: Okay, you know who's not like you? That-that boyfriend! That guy can actually act!
JAVIER: See, that's what I'm talking about. So mean.
MEGHAN: I'm serious. You think you're gonna make it as an actor? Please.
JAVIER: Okay, hold the phone Margo...
MEGHAN: I am not Margo!
JAVIER: You are more Margo than Bette Davis and this is her signature role!
MEGHAN: Well, I'd rather be Margo than some unemployed actor working at Dean and Deluca for the rest of his life.
She storms out.

Cut to Noel and Zoe in a cafe. Music: Vigilantes of Love, "You Know That (Is Nothing New)."
ZOE: You know, I never really apologized for, that night.
NOEL: That's okay. I was in a pretty bad place then anyway, so...
ZOE: Me too. But it seems like we both recovered pretty well, huh?
NOEL: It seems like it. Although, I don't really know about your dad, he looked like he wanted to rip my head off this morning.
ZOE: I'm sorry about that.
NOEL: No, it's all right. It's just I'm usually the one dads love.
ZOE: It's just, he really wants that job and you're the competition.
NOEL: Ah, competition. (Zoe laughs) What?
ZOE: I'm glad you called.
NOEL: Me too.

Cut to the hospital. Ben gets blood drawn.

Cut to Hodges' experiment. Trevor writes things down while Ben sits still, arms folded.
TREVOR: Did you get the results yet?
BEN: What?
TREVOR: To the paternity test.
Ben shakes his head.
BEN: No, not yet.
He picks up a beaker of acid and is about to pour it in when Trevor stops him.
TREVOR: Whoa, whoa man, what're you doing. We already put the nitric acid in.
BEN: We did?
BEN: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man.
TREVOR: Hey, don't worry. It's not gonna be your kid.

Cut to the studio. Felicity and Owen enter.
FELICITY: God, this is too depressing.
OWEN: They're the ones who should be depressed. Did you see that stuff they were trying to sell? Suck-ahoy.
FELICITY: (laughs) I'm serious Owen, what if we don't sell anything?
They put down their stuff.
FELICITY: So? How're we gonna make a living?
OWEN: Life always has its way of figuring these things out.
FELICITY: God, I wish I was like you.
OWEN: You mean like, uh, incredibly attractive?
FELICITY: Doesn't it bother you that everyone else has a career path?
OWEN: We have a career path.
FELICITY: No, you know what I mean. Like, everyone else is gonna be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a real estate agent.
OWEN: So what? Every doctor and lawyer I know hates their job, and, real estate agents... come on, that's... That's depressing.
FELICITY: That's what my mom thinks I should be.
OWEN: Well your mom obviously hasn't seen your work.
FELICITY: Actually, she has.
OWEN: Well then your mom doesn't know what she's talking about.
FELICITY: I don't know, sometimes I wonder if I should be doing something more like that. Something with a clear path that's well marked.
OWEN: Well, I guess it depends on what you want.
FELICITY: Yeah. And I guess that's just it. I don't really know what I want.

Cut to Felicity entering the apartment with her portfolio. Javier goes to the door.
JAVIER: Okay. Come here, I want to show you something. This is show not tell.
FELICITY: Oh, god.
They go into the living room where Javier is watching All About Eve. He turns on the tape.
JAVIER: Who does that remind you of.
FELICITY: Who, Bette Davis?
JAVIER: Not who it is, but who does it remind you of?
FELICITY: Um... I don't know.
JAVIER: Okay, out of all the people you know, she doesn't remind you of anyone?! (Felicity has no idea) Okay let me give you a hint. Your freshman year roommate.
FELICITY: Meghan?!
JAVIER: See, that's what I said too!
ELENA OS: Anybody home?
FELICITY: We're in here!
ELENA: I got this in the mail, it's from Columbia med school.
FELICITY: You got in?
ELENA: I don't know, I'm too nervous to open it.
JAVIER: Oh! Let me.
FELICITY: You're going to get in.
ELENA: But if I don't get in here I'll get in somewhere else.
JAVIER: Okay. And the award for best picture goes to...
FELICITY: This is serious!
JAVIER: Okay, here we go. (reads) Dear Miss Tyler, we are pleased to inform you that you have been ACCEPTED to the-
FELICITY: Congratulations!!!!
They hug.
FELICITY: Oh my god!
ELENA: I'm gonna be a doctor! I have to call my dad. (she grabs the letter and runs out)
JAVIER: Hold on. Who in All About Eve does Meghan remind you of? (follows her)

Cut to Felicity's room. She thinks, then takes the real estate guy's number out of her bag. She sits down on her bed.

Cut to Noel entering the loft.
NOEL: Hey.
Sean is sitting at the table.
SEAN: Hey, you're not gonna believe what just happened.
NOEL: Uh, you balanced the books and found out we actually have money in the account?
SEAN: No, we got the job.
NOEL: What job.
SEAN: CGG corp? They picked us.
NOEL: You're kidding.
SEAN: Would I be kidding about CGG?
NOEL: No, you wouldn't. Oh my god. (finally excited) We got the job? Whoa. They picked us?
SEAN: (grins) Oh yeah.
NOEL: Oh that is great!
SEAN: Yeah, it gets better.
NOEL: How, how does it get better?
SEAN: Webb Graphics also wants us.
NOEL: Oh, Sean.
SEAN: Apparently, your old boss wants the account so bad that he's willing to hire Blumberg-Crane, or Crane-Blumberg as independent contractors. And I know that we said we'd stay independent but this is a great opportunity for the two of us to get in there, prove ourselves as a great team, which we are, and steal all their accounts!
NOEL: Yeah, I don't know, Sean.
SEAN: Alright, fine, we won't steal their clients. We'll form relationships. But this could give us legitimacy, we can use these guys.
NOEL: I don't know if I can work for Webb Graphics.
SEAN: Okay, well I've done the numbers, and we'd be complete morons not to! You said it yourself, 90% of new businesses fail in the first year.
NOEL: I went out with Zoe Webb last night.
NOEL: So I got that whole thing with her father.
SEAN: This is a great opportunity, Noel. What about getting all your ducks in a row?
NOEL: Sean, you are the one who told me to go out there!
SEAN: Don't ever listen to me. Noel, come on! Ever! Except for now. Listen to me now.
NOEL: I have spent the last three years of my life waiting for someone who wanted to be with someone else. And now I think - I think - that I've found someone. You know, someone that I can care about.
SEAN: You're right. You're right. Okay. You're right. That's more important.
NOEL: You know? I just, I need some time to think about it.
SEAN: Whatever you decide, okay?
NOEL: Thank you.
Sean nods.

Felicity sits on her bed, on the phone.
FELICITY: Hi, this message is for Tom Harris? My name is Felicity Porter, and my mom Barbara suggested that I call regarding opportunities in real estate? You can call me back at area code 212-555-0341. Thanks a lot. Bye.
She hangs up the phone and looks guilty. Suddenly, she reaches over and grabs her scarf. She rushes to the door and exits with her portfolio.

Ben comes up to the counter at the hospital.
BEN: Yeah, hey, I'm looking for some results, Ben Covington.
NURSE: Oh yeah, the paternity test. Let's see if those are back yet. Okay, here it is. Looks like you're gonna be a dad.
She hands him the paper. Ben takes it gingerly and studies it. He crumples it up and leaves.

Cut to a gallery. Felicity arrives. She pulls out a slide folder and goes up to a woman at a desk. Music: Sad Rockets, "Wrongs of All."
FELICITY: Excuse me.
The woman looks up.
FELICITY: Hi, my name is Felicity Porter, I'm an art major at UNY, I'm going around galleries showing them my work, and I was hoping-
WOMAN: We're not looking for any new artists right now.
She goes back to what she was doing.
FELICITY: Uh, it's funny that you say that, I mean, I've been hearing a lot of that lately. Um, a lot, actually. And, um, it would only take five minutes of your time.
WOMAN: I'm just not interested. I'm sorry.
She gets up from the desk and walks away. Felicity follows her.
FELICITY: Wait! (she turns around) I'm sorry, this has just been a really bad day. And I know you're busy, and I know you have way more important things to do than look at my work, but, I have been to at least fifty galleries. Not one of which will look at my slides.
WOMAN: Okay.
WOMAN: Sure.
FELICITY: (hands her the folder) Thank you so much, that's amazing. Thank you very very much.
The woman goes over to a light table and puts a sheet down. She looks at a few, and then puts the page back in the folder. She walks over to Felicity and hands it to her.
WOMAN: Thank you.
FELICITY: Oh. So you're still not interested.
WOMAN: (a little less cold) No. I'm sorry.
FELICITY: Thank you for your time.
The woman nods. Felicity leaves.

Drama class.
PROFESSOR: Okay, why don't we start. How about Javier and Meghan.
They look at each other coldly, then storm up to the stage.
MEGHAN: As it happens, there are particular aspects of my life to which I would like to maintain soul and exclusive and rights and privileges.
JAVIER: For instance what.
MEGHAN: For instance, you!
JAVIER: This is my cue to take you in my arms and reassure you, well I'm not going to! I'm too mad!
MEGHAN: Guilty!
JAVIER: Mad!! (quiet) Sorry. (regular) There are certain characteristics for which you are famous. I love you for some, and in spite of others. You have to keep your teeth sharp, all right. But I will not have you sharpen them on me, or on Eve.
MEGHAN: What about her teeth. What about her fangs.
JAVIER: She hasn't cut them yet and you know it. So when you start judging a dreamy, idealistic kid, by the barroom standards of this megalomaniac society, I will not have it.
MEGHAN: Oh, cut! What happens in the next scene, I get dragged off screaming in a snake pit?
The class applauds. Meghan and Javier look surprised. Then Javier smiles. Meghan scowls.

Cut to Lauren's building. Ben rounds the corner quickly and knocks on her door.
BEN: Lauren. It's Ben.
LAUREN: (opens the door) Hey.
BEN: This is crazy. You've known this for four months and you haven't said anything.
LAUREN: I told you you don't have to participate.
BEN: Then why did you tell me? You obviously wanted something, what is it!
LAUREN: I thought that maybe you'd like to be a part of the child's life.
BEN: I'm in college. I'm going to med school, I don't wanna raise a kid!
LAUREN: You don't have to.
BEN: Then what's gonna happen. You're gonna have it and there'll be a kid out there who's mine but I never see him? That's crazy.
LAUREN: Look. This is happening. Whatever you want to do, it's your decision. Whatever your choice, it's fine. But I've made my decision. And, I mean, it's not changing.
BEN: (shakes his head) All right.
He leaves.

Cut to Noel outside Dean and Deluca. Zoe sits at a table inside. She waves to him. He waves back, and enters. He sits down with her. Music: Jude, "I Do."
ZOE: Hey! Thanks for meeting me.
NOEL: Sure. Oh, by the way, I had a great time last night.
ZOE: Me too!
NOEL: Good.
ZOE: Listen, Noel, um, everything's just, kind weird...
NOEL: I know, I know, this whole thing with your dad, that couldn't come at a worse time. But, I'll be okay, I'll figure it out.
ZOE: No that's uh, that's not even what I was talking about.
NOEL: Okay.
ZOE: Um, well, I should've said something last night, but I was having such a good time, I just, I didn't. And I'm sorry, but I'm- I'm sorta seeing someone. (Noel looks devastated) Um, I really wanna be friends, 'cause I really like you...
NOEL: Friends. You know, I've sort of tried that one before. And, it didn't really work too well.
ZOE: Okay.

Cut to the loft. Noel brings two beers to the couch.
NOEL: Okay, let's do it. Let's call Webb and say yes.
SEAN: Yeah?
NOEL: Why not?
SEAN: Okay, uh, what about Zoe?
NOEL: Uh, Zoe, Zoe didn't work out.
SEAN: What happened.
NOEL: She has a boyfriend.
SEAN: Oh, man, I'm sorry.
NOEL: It's all right. I mean, we went out like once.
SEAN: Well what about Webb. It's not gonna be weird to work there?
NOEL: Uh, maybe. Yeah. You know, in the beginning. But, I don't know, it's our future, we're gonna have a salary...
SEAN: It's gonna be good.
NOEL: It's gonna be great.

Cut to O-Chem. Ben enters. Trevor is already at the station.
TREVOR: Dude, what happened to you?
BEN: What do you mean?
TREVOR: The experiment. You were supposed to check it.
BEN: Oh my god. I totally forgot.
TREVOR: Well Hodges it totally freaking out. He called me at home.
BEN: I'll talk to him. The test was positive. It's mine.
Ben walks up to Hodges' desk. Trevor looks shocked.
BEN: Uh, sir can I talk to you a minute.
HODGES: Forget about it. I've already started looking for your replacements.
BEN: Sir, I'm really sorry...
HODGES: The test is about to start. I suggest you take your seat.
Ben goes back to his seat.
TREVOR: What'd he say?
BEN: He's already looking for our replacements.
TREVOR: What?!
BEN: It doesn't matter.
Ben leaves the lab.

Cut to the apartment. Felicity is in her bathrobe, her mom is there.
FELICITY: I'll be ready in just a minute.
MRS. PORTER: The play starts in half an hour.
Felicity goes into her room and goes through her dresser. Her mom looks around.
MRS. PORTER: Where's Ben?
FELICITY: Uh, he just called he's at the lab.
MRS. PORTER: Oh, everything okay with you two?
FELICITY: Yeah, everything's fine.
MRS. PORTER: It's just, I haven't seen him since I've been here.
FELICITY: Can we not talk about this right now?
She runs into the bathroom.
MRS. PORTER: Oh, I spoke to Tom Harris today! He said you called.
FELICITY: Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna do that.
MRS. PORTER: Really, because I think you'd like it.
FELICITY: I just don't think it's for me.
MRS. PORTER: Oh, okay.
FELICITY: What. Mom, just say it.
MRS. PORTER: I'm just, I'm worried about you.
FELICITY: Well I'm worried too. I'm terrified.
MRS. PORTER: I know, that's why I suggested real estate.
FELICITY: Oh my god, Mom, I don't wanna do real estate. Okay? I mean, can't you just be a little supportive?!
MRS. PORTER: I'm being supportive.
FELICITY: No, you're not! Yesterday I told you how scared I was that I have no idea how I'm going to support myself and you said, yeah, that's what dad thinks.
MRS. PORTER: I just don't wanna see your heart broken.
FELICITY: You know what breaks my heart? You doing this stupid real estate thing. You've given up. It's pathetic, and I don't wanna be like that, okay?
MRS. PORTER: I'm sorry you feel that way.
FELICITY: (calming down a little) I'm sorry too, but I do. Let's not go to the play. I don't wanna go.
Her mom picks up her coat and purse and leaves.

Ben lies on his back. Felicity enters. Music: Kendall Payne, "Scratch."
BEN: Hey.
FELICITY: What're you doing?
BEN: Just thinking.
FELICITY: About what?
BEN: I don't know. (Felicity lies down next to him.) Just thinking about everything. I screwed up the lab. Hodges is looking for somebody else. How was the play?
FELICITY: We didn't go.
BEN: Why?
FELICITY: We got in a fight. And, I said some really mean things. It was awful.
BEN: You wanna talk about it?
FELICITY: Not really.
BEN: You know what I wanna do?
BEN: I just wanna stay in this bed forever.
FELICITY: (smiles) That would be nice.
BEN: Yeah, it would be nice.
Felicity lays her head on his chest. Cut to long view from above. Ben rubs her back.

Javier is watching the part of "All About Eve" he and Meghan performed in class.
JAVIER: Come in!
Meghan enters, hand behind her back. Javier turns off the tape. Meghan holds out a statuette.
JAVIER: For me?
MEGHAN: Yes. I tried to get you one like they had in the movie, but-
JAVIER: Oh, it says "Best Actor" and everything! Oh, Meghan I'm sorry I hurt your feelings about saying that you were just like Margo.
MEGHAN: Oh hell, you were right. The whole class agreed with you.
JAVIER: Well, it's not a very smart class.
MEGHAN: It's not like I wanna be like Margo, I just am.
JAVIER: You know, in the movie, Margo was like that for a reason, she was sad. Maybe you're sad about something.
Meghan considers this for a second, then wrinkles her nose.
MEGHAN: Whatever.
JAVIER: Well, you're not really like Margo she would never bring me a trophy.
MEGHAN: I figured what the hell. You really, you were good yesterday.
JAVIER: I know! That fight, we should do that before every class.
MEGHAN: I don't think so.
MEGHAN: Okay. Don't hurt yourself with that. Bye.
JAVIER: Okay, bye, thank you!
Meghan walks out. Javier makes sure she's gone, and looks at the statuette.
JAVIER: I would like to thank the terrific cast, the wonderful director, and my mama for always believing in me! Thank you! (kisses the statuette, starts walking off. he pretends someone tells him to go the other way) Oh, this way. (walks the other way)

Cut to Ben and Lauren sitting on the couch in Lauren's apartment.
BEN: (sighs) So, I've been thinking a lot about what you said. About how it's my choice whether to be a part of this or not. And I can't. I've already started messing up my life and I can't let that happen, I'm really sorry.
LAUREN: Ben, look, I understand. You don't have to feel bad about this, Ben.
BEN: Yeah, but I do. I think I'm gonna feel bad about it for a really long time. But I know what I want. And raising a kid isn't it.

Cut to the art studio. Owen enters. Felicity stares off into space. Music: Kenon Chen, "Weather the Storm."
OWEN: Hey.
OWEN: I was gonna hit 57th street later on. You up for it?
FELICITY: Uh, not today.
OWEN: What. You still thinking about that career stuff?
FELICITY: Yeah, yeah.
OWEN: You wanna hear the good news?
OWEN: You're really talented.
FELICITY: You don't have to say that.
OWEN: I'm not just saying that. It's the truth If you want this to happen, it'll happen.
FELICITY: My parents don't think so.
OWEN: Well, you're parents... (Felicity laughs) You know what my parents think?
OWEN: That I should be an accountant.
FELICITY: (laughs) God.
OWEN: I'm really good at math. Can you imagine? Me, and accountant?
FELICITY: No, I can't. Yeah, I just wish I didn't care what they thought. I mean, I keep telling myself that I don't, and they get here, and I do.
OWEN: They're your parents.
FELICITY: Yeah. Do you think that ever goes away? I mean, when we're forty, do you think we're still gonna care what our mom and dad think?
OWEN: I think so.
OWEN: Just promise me something.
FELICITY: You always do this. You always make me promise things. (laughs) Okay, what.
OWEN: Promise me that whatever you decide, you will not do real estate.
FELICITY: Okay I promise. As long as you don't become an accountant.
OWEN: Deal.

Cut to Hodges with a microscope. Ben enters.
BEN: Professor Hodges?
BEN: Can I talk to you for a minute?
HODGES: A minute, yes.
BEN: I know I screwed up. I know that. You made your expectations clear and I didn't meet them. But there was a reason which I have taken care of. (Hodges goes back to the microscope) Look, if I tried anything last semester it was to prove how much I care. It was to prove how important this is to me.
BEN: Okay?
HODGES: Okay. But it better not happen again.
BEN: It won't happen again. It won't.
HODGES: Do you wanna talk about it?
BEN: Uh, no. No, I don't wanna talk about it, but thank you.
Hodges goes back to his observing, now smiling.

Cut to Noel and Sean at Webb Group Graphics.
SEAN: So, do you think we'll each get an office? Or do we share an office? What do you think?
NOEL: I think we each get a cubicle.
SEAN: Cubicle! We're not getting a cubicle.
Zoe comes up.
ZOE: Hi!
NOEL: Hey, um, we took the job.
ZOE: Yeah, my dad told me.
NOEL: We being...
SEAN: Sean.
They shake hands.
NOEL: Zoe, Sean, Sean, Zoe.
ZOE: Hi, it's nice to meet you.
SEAN: You too. (Noel gives him a look) Okay, I'm gonna have some- I'm gonna do some reading and I'll be over here.
ZOE: So, I was gonna call you last night.
NOEL: Really.
ZOE: I um, I broke up with that guy.
NOEL: You did.
ZOE: Yeah, he wasn't right for me.
Webb calls across the lobby before Noel can answer.
WEBB: Crane, Blumberg, ready?
NOEL: Yeah.
SEAN: Yeah, Blumberg, coming.
He races over. Noel follows.
WEBB How are you?
SEAN: Good.
Noel looks back at Zoe, who smiles. He smiles back and follows Webb and Sean.

Cut to Ben sitting outside Felicity's apartment. She exits the elevator. Music: Kendall Payne, "Honest."
BEN: Hey.
FELICITY: Hey, what're you doing here? I thought you had to be at the lab tonight.
BEN: No, I gotta tell you something.
FELICITY: Yeah, what's going on?
BEN: Let's go inside.
FELICITY: Ben, is everything okay?
BEN: Yeah.
Felicity opens the door and they enter.
FELICITY: Is it Hodges? Did he say no about the job?
BEN: It's not that.
Felicity takes off her coat and scarf.
BEN: Um, before I tell you I just want you to know that we're gonna be okay. No matter what, we're gonna be okay.
FELICITY: Ben, what are you talking about? Just tell me. (Ben sighs) Just tell me, because it's freaking me out now.
BEN: Lauren's pregnant. It's mine.
No one wants to bleed
Felicity is shocked and bewildered.
No one wants to hide
FELICITY: Oh my god.
No one wants to hurt alone inside
BEN: It was one night. It was one night when you and I were broken up.
FELICITY: And she's having the baby?
If you can be honest
BEN: Yeah.
I can be too
Felicity nods.
BEN: I just need you to know that I love you. And this doesn't change anything. I need you to know that.
If you take the first step
I'll follow you through
Felcity continues to nod, her expression glazed. She starts to speak, but doesn't.
No one wants to leave
FELICITY: I don't know what to say.
No one wants to bleed
BEN: I'm so sorry. (he hugs her) I'm so sorry.
No one wants to hide
No one wants to hurt alone inside

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