Episode 14 - Raising Arizona

Lauren decides to move to Arizona to be near her parents.

  • Ben is torn between finishing a fifth year of pre-med in New York, or applying to schools in Arizona.





  • While Ben struggles with his decision, Felicity seeks advice from Noel.
  • Ben sees how close they are becoming again, and amidst his foul mood, he breaks up with Felicity, accusing her of continuing her affair with Noel.
  • Noel tells them he has his own relationship problems without being dragged into theirs, to bring the couple back together.
  • Noel continues to date Zoe.
  • Although they are getting along well, Zoe is adamant about keeping their relationship a secret.
  • When Noel is tired of hiding from their coworkers, Zoe suddenly breaks up with him.
  • Noel confronts Zoe, and she explains that a previous relationship left her so devastated, she had to seek therapy. As a result, her father is overprotective of her.
  • Noel completely understands her situation, and the two agree to share the news that they are seeing each other.
  • Felicity learns the architectural model she built for Adam has helped him win a competition to design a local library.
  • Adam asks Felicity to work with him the following year on the project.
  • Felicity agrees, and declines moving to Arizona with Ben.
  • Ben informs Lauren that he can't change his life right now and will consider legal action to keep her in New York.
  • Lauren agrees to think about it.

  • Meghan and Javier are approached by a director looking to cast a commercial. Acting is Javier's dream, but Meghan is interested in the gig for the money.
  • The two argue up to the audition, but realize their friendship is more important than any job.

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