Episode 15 - The Paper Chase

Sidetracked by her redefined love life and career path, Felicity lets a big paper for her art-history class go until the last minute.

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  • The state of Felicity: A 30-page art history paper is due the next day and she hasn't even picked a subject. Felicity explains to Meghan (who's on page 25) that she can't seem to concentrate because all that's going on with Ben and her new architecture project. Meghan suggests that she go to the dissertation section of the library and just copy someone else's work.
  • What's up with Ben: He and Sean are looking at a sonogram photo of the baby that Lauren gave him. They now know that the baby is a boy. Ben gets a call from Lauren asking if he's interested in doing a Lamaze class with her. He agrees, and explains to Felicity that he's going to do everything he can to be involved so that Lauren will be willing to stay in New York. Later on Ben finds out Lauren has decided to move to Arizona anyway. He visits a lawyer to see what his rights are as the father.

  • That pesky paper: Felicity has trouble getting sources for her paper and finally gives in to Meghan's suggestion. She copies an art history dissertation from the library and spends the rest of the night putting "her" paper together. Meghan passes on the news that her professor wants to talk to her about the paper. It turns out that her professor wants to submit Felicity's paper to a journal because its so good. Worried, Felicity spills her guts to Meghan and asks what to do. Meghan tells her to steal the dissertation from the library so they won't have any proof of her plagiarism.

  • What's up with Noel and Sean: Noel gets called into Mr. Webb's office and fears recriminations for dating his daughter Zoe. He's therefore surprised to discover that the meeting isn't about Zoe at all. Mr. Webb has a problem with Sean's sales technique. Apparently Sean lost an account the day before because he was too overbearing and off-the-cuff. Noel sticks up for Sean, saying that he has a unique style and they're partners. Mr. Webb warns Noel that if he doesn't reign Sean in by the next sales meeting he'll fire him. Noel tries to take the lead in the next meeting but once again Sean turns on the enthusiasm. Noel takes him aside and tries to explain the situation. Sean takes offense and quits on the spot.

  • What's up with Javier and Rita: Javier has taken up tennis lessons to try and find a boyfriend. He suggests Rita do the same but she reveals that she's already found someone. His name is Michael and he's the sweetest man she's ever met. She wants Javier to meet him and brings him by Dean & Deluca. Immediately Javier recognizes him and pulls Elena aside to tell her that Michael used to date a friend of his... a male friend. Should he tell Rita? Elena warns him not to, but Javier tells her anyway. Rita gets upset and accuses Javier of being jealous because he's attracted to Michael.

  • How does it all end: Sean talks to Meghan about quitting his job and she tells him that he's being ridiculous. His style is great and enthusiastic but he does need to learn when to reign it in. The next day Sean comes into the office and tells Noel that he asked Webb for his job back and hopes that Noel will keep an eye on him. Javier goes to Michael and tells him that he knows that Michael is gay. Michael denies it but later on Rita comes by and tells Javier that Michael told her the truth. She apologizes and they become mixed doubles tennis partners. Felicity discovers that the journal review board has some questions about her paper. Meghan goes and steals the dissertation to fix the problem, but it turns out the board wants to see all of Felicity's notes and research. Felicity confesses to Ben what she did and admits that she can't concentrate with the baby on the way. Ben says the lawyer counseled him to move to Arizona but he won't do it, once again assuring her that things will be OK. This time, Felicity's not so sure she can believe him.


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