Episode 16 - Ben Don't Leave

Ben falls victim to a car accident while on his way to help Lauren pack for her move to Arizona.

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  • The state of Felicity: While on shift at Dean & Deluca Felicity gets a visit from Lauren, who is looking for Ben. Felicity explains that Ben doesn't work that day and Lauren bitterly remarks on how Ben said he would help and yet she's doing everything by herself. Felicity tries to sympathize, saying that it all must be hard for Lauren. All of the sudden, Lauren accuses Felicity and Ben of being incredibly selfish people. Felicity's shocked and asks Lauren if they're just supposed to pick up their lives and move to Arizona. Lauren tells Felicity to let Ben know she's looking for him.

  • What's up with Ben: He promised Lauren he'd help move some boxes to her car before she leaves the next day. While they're out, Ben and Lauren get into a car accident. Lauren ends up then hospital with some cuts and bruises, but she and the baby are fine. Unfortunately, Ben is in surgery when Felicity arrives. Felicity finds Lauren and asks her what happened. Just after Lauren explains that they were coming off a highway when another car hit them, that she never saw it coming, the doctor arrives. Felicity overhears the doctor telling Lauren that her blood alcohol level was over the legal limit.

  • That pesky paper: Professor Karns has scheduled a meeting with the board for the UNY journal that is reviewing Felicity's paper. It's clear that even though Felicity is trying to confess, Professor Karns has put her reputation on the line. She looked over Felicity's transcripts and an A student wouldn't have a need to plagiarize a paper. She tells Felicity to be there the next morning at 8:30 to present her sources.

  • What's up with Noel and Zoe: Things are going well between them, but they haven't been intimate yet. Sean warns Noel that it could mean there is something fundamentally wrong and maybe Zoe just isn't attracted to him. Noel continues to explain it away, saying they've both been so busy with work and entertaining clients. Sean convinces Noel to be romantic by going over to Zoe's late one night with a bottle of wine. He does and all goes well, until Noel makes a move. When he questions what's going on, Zoe tells him to leave.

  • What's up with Elena and Richard: Richard begs Elena for a favor. He needs her to attend a "save the earth" type of event as his date so the woman he's interested in will see him with arm candy and be jealous. Despite his less than flattering offer, Elena agrees, stating that Richard is so pathetic she has to help him. While registering at the entrance, Richard comments that this girl is very PC and will appreciate the fact that Richard brought a black women with him. This, and other comments to that effect prompt Elena to deck Richard and walk out the door.

  • How does it all end: Felicity notices that Lauren is leaving after talking to police. She follows her and asks where she's going. Lauren explains that her is in the police impound and she needs to get her stuff. Felicity asks if she's coming back and Lauren doesn't really answer. Felicity then tells Lauren that she's the one who's so incredibly selfish and she feels sorry for the baby because its going to have Lauren for a mother. Later on, Lauren returns while Felicity is by Ben's side. They talk and Lauren apologizes, saying that AA says you should take it one day at a time, but that particular day was too hard. Felicity takes Lauren home and gives her a place to stay. Lauren says she realizes that all of this must be hard for Felicity too. Felicity stays by Ben's bedside. The next morning she's leaving the hospital when she sees all of her friends in the waiting room. While they stay to see Ben during visiting hours, Felicity goes to Professor Karns and finally confesses. She then tells the review board for the journal. Karns mentions that she'll have to think about what to do. Noel finds Zoe at work and she explains what's really going on. When they first started dating she was so happy she went off of her antidepressant medication. But, she got depressed again and therefore hasn't been "in the mood." He apologizes for pushing her and she tells him that she's back on the medication. Richard comes over to apologize to Elena, saying he thought he was complimenting her. She has an ingrained difference and he's just a boring white guy. She realizes that all her life she's been trying to fit and all his life Richard's been trying to stand out. (Well, he does now, his black eye is horribly swollen!) Felicity gets a note from Lauren apologizing again and explaining that she'll get in touch when she settles down, whenever that may be. While sitting by Ben's side he wakes up and smiles at Felicity.


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