Episode 17 - The Graduate

An occasion four years in the making, graduation day arrives for Felicity. But the occasion competes with Ben's marriage proposal.

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  • The state of Felicity: She and Ben are lying on his bed talking. Felicity explains that Professor Karns allowed her to graduate by failing her on the paper but letting her pass the class. In discussing the end of the college, Ben tells Felicity that he's been doing a lot of thinking. He doesn't want their relationship to be just a "college thing" and asks Felicity if she's ever thought about marrying him. Despite her shock, he proposes and Felicity doesn't know what to say, but her answer is more a yes than a no.

  • What's up with Ben: In the middle of the night Ben gets a call from Lauren's sister saying they are in Philadelphia and Lauren has gone into labor. Felicity tells him to go, she'll stay in New York. He asks if they are engaged and Felicity says yes, they are. When he arrives home from Philadelphia he tells Felicity that the baby boy is fine and his name is Andrew, after Ben's father.

  • Meddling parents: Felicity has lunch with her parents before graduation and, along with the strain of their impending divorce, her father proceeded to find fault with all of her future plans. He comments that she's followed Ben for four years, isn't it about time she stopped? Getting defensive, Felicity tells her parents that she and Ben are engaged. Richard lets slip to Dr. Porter that Ben is a brand new father and is moving to Arizona. Dr. Porter can't accept this and harsh words are exchanged all around. Felicity tells Ben she can't go to Arizona, that she's been following him around for too long and now it's his turn.

  • What's up with Noel and Sean: Mr. Webb comes by their office and reports the loss of the CGG account. Most companies are cutting back due to the economic climate and unfortunately, with the loss of the account that brought them in, he has to let Noel and Sean go. Unsure of what they'll do next, they make a pact: they are a team and they'll stick together. Later on, Sean comes by and tells Noel that he took a job with Meghan's dad following some elevator expert around. He says that Noel should take the job he was offered that didn't include Sean. It looks like the partnership is put on permanent hiatus but Noel rents expensive office space and tells Sean they're still in business and will make it no matter what it takes.

  • What's up with Palo Alto: After graduation, Felicity tells Ben that as much as she loves him, she can't go to Arizona but she understand why he must go. They spend one more night together and say a tearful goodbye. Felicity packs up all of her things and says goodbye to all of her friends and New York.

  • How does it all end: Flash forward six months. We hear Felicity's tape to Ben while we watch her in school again in Palo Alto. She's decided to become a doctor -- her parents couldn't be happier -- but this time she's doing it because she wants to. Felicity has kept in touch with everyone in New York. Noel and Sean's business is doing well and they're happy. Meghan wants to become a psychiatrist. She asks Ben to call or write or send a tape, she'd love to hear his voice. Felicity is coming out of class one day and Ben walks up behind her. He says that he was just at the registrar's office, signing up for classes. Lauren is going to move up to Palo Alto. He says it really was his turn.

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