Episode 18 - Time Will Tell

An episode taking place in the near future after Felicity's graduation brings with it a number of surprises.

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  • The state of Felicity: The show opens with Felicity sitting next to her bed making a tape for Sally. She says Sally may be the only one who will understand what's going on with her... or maybe Sally will think she's insane like everyone else. To explain, Felicity goes back to the beginning of the story.
  • Past or present?: About six months ago Elena was killed in a car crash. The loss devastated everyone, especially Felicity. She and Ben continued to take classes out in Palo Alto and befriended a classmate named Claire. Felicity began distancing herself from everyone after Elena's death, most importantly Ben. She gets the news that Noel is getting married to Zoe and runs to tell Ben. She finds him kissing Claire and, brokenhearted, goes to New York alone. She begs Meghan not to say anything about the breakup because she doesn't want to ruin Noel's wedding. At the rehearsal dinner Ben shows up unexpectedly. He asks to talk to Felicity alone. In trying to apologize for what happened with Claire he lets it slip that the affair had been going on for more than a month. Felicity sits drinking with Meghan and decides that she should have chosen Noel a year ago up on the roof. She made a mistake staying with Ben and now it's too late. Meghan casts a spell that rips Felicity back one year... and back on the rooftop with Noel.

  • How does it all end: Once Felicity realizes that she's gone back in time and that no one else, including Meghan, knows what's going on, she decides to take charge of changing the future. She tells Ben she slept with Noel. He wants to work things out between them, but Felicity says they should break up. She didn't anticipate how bad she would feel hurting Ben. Her new motto is "Claire Claire Claire Claire" -- so she can remember why she's doing all of this. Felicity tells Noel she wants to try a relationship with him but he ultimately decides that it's not worth losing their friendship over. Then they discover that Elena and Tracy have called off their wedding because they got into a huge argument when Elena defended what Felicity did. Felicity begs Meghan to fix the spell but, realizing everyone thinks she is insane, she backs down and decides to go along with it. Noel comes by and says he was just scared, that he does want to try a relationship with her.


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