Episode 19 - The Power of the Ex

Felicity realizes that the changes around her affect more than just her dating situation.

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  • The state of Felicity: Things are going well with Noel, but due to the awkwardness around their friends they try to hang out in odd parts of the city where they won't run into anyone. Unfortunately, on one of these outings they run into someone completely unexpected: Hannah. She and Noel broke up three years ago and now that Noel and Felicity are trying to make a go of it, the timing couldn't be worse.
  • Revolving love triangles: Felicity's time travel continues to have a ripple effect on everything around her as decisions she makes change the course of events. Knowing that in a year she'll want to be a doctor, she switches her major back to pre-med. Unfortunately, this puts her in Ben's chemistry class where she does well on tests and he continues to fail. Noel agrees to build Hannah a web site to promote her piano lessons and demo CD. Hannah mentions that she's thought about getting back together with Noel, but when he tells Felicity about it, she freaks out. Felicity visits Hannah and asks that she back off, which Noel finds out about. He's freaked out by Felicity's breakneck speed and erratic behavior and asks to cool things off so he can figure out what he wants. Sean sees Noel reconnecting with Hannah and decides to call Julie Emrick, who he's been in e-mail contact with for a while. Sean's money problems come to light and Meghan surprises him by paying off all the debts and replacing his furniture (he father kicked in the $50k thinking it was a charitable donation). Unable to accept the money, he gets a loan from Noel who has settlement money from his divorce from Natalie.

  • How does it all end: Ben says he's dropping pre-med but Felicity insists that he could get an A in the chemistry class (because, of course, she knows he does). He comes by the apartment to ask if Felicity is still willing to help him out with the class. They head off to the lab and over a discussion of chemical bonds, they begin to kiss. Meanwhile Noel is at Hannah's house where things are heating up as well. Felicity breaks off the kiss saying she "came here for Noel" and Ben storms out. Noel stops kissing Hannah and calls Felicity at home. He's right outside the door and they make up. Sean is dead set on taking a chance with Julie. He gives Meghan her money back and when she can't understand why he'd take Noel's help but not hers he tells her about Julie. He says doesn't want to hurt Meghan but she replies that she's not the one who will get hurt, he will.


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