Season 4, Episode 19: The Power of the Ex

Written By Alex Taub
Directed By Laurence Trilling
Transcribed By Bitca
Original Airdate: May 8. 2002


Felicity's. Noel and Felicity fold laundry, sitting on the floor.
FELICITY VO: Dear Sally. Okay, you're not gonna believe this, but remember last week when I told you I was stuck in the past? Well, I'm still here. And now something's happened that makes me wish I wasn't.
They throw laundry at each other, and lie back on the floor, Noel on top. They kiss.
FELICITY VO: As you know, Noel and I started going out. And the thing is, it began really well.
Felicity and Noel continue to kiss. Meghan "ahem"s. They quickly pull apart.
MEGHAN: Oh, no, don't stop on my account, I've seen this whole domination/submission thing before.
They sit up hurriedly (think "Boggled").
FELICITY: We were just, um...
NOEL: Watching TV...
MEGHAN: (going into her room) Whatever. I don't judge, but only because I don't care.
NOEL: Get out of here...
They get up and quickly leave the apartment.
FELICITY VO: But given the awkward situation, we thought we should try and be descreet.
Cut to the street. Felicity and Noel walk, having a good time.
FELICITY VO: So we started going places where we wouldn't run into anyone we knew.
NOEL: It's fried dough.
FELICITY: Fried dough.
NOEL: You need to try it, you'll thank me.
FELICITY: Okay. Here we go.
She tries Noel's fried dough.
FELICITY: It's actually good, considering it's called fried dough.
FELICITY VO: The irony is, in avoiding all of our friends, we ran into someone else.
NOEL: Hannah?
FELICITY VO: Someone who's become kind of a problem.
HANNAH: I was just thinking about you the other day! How are you?
NOEL: Uh, I'm great, yeah! It's been like...
HANNAH: Like three years!
NOEL: Yeah.
FELICITY: Hey, Hannah!
NOEL: You remember Felicity?
HANNAH: Of course. It's good to see you.
FELICITY: You too.
Hannah gestures around her nose with her fingers, indicating the glob of the stuff you put on fried dough on her nose/lip.
NOEL: Here, you got something...
FELICITY: Oh my god, sorry!
NOEL: It's from the, uh, thing...
HANNAH: So tell me everything what've you been up to?
NOEL: Um nothing, you know I'm just, uh looking for a job.
HANNAH: Yeah, me too.
Hannah holds up fliers that say "Piano Lessons" on them.
NOEL: Oh, you're teaching, which is great.
HANNAH: When I get the chance to do it, I spend most of my time begging for students.
NOEL: I know, looking for work is harder than any job you could get; I mean, sometimes I think it's the only thing I'm qualified to do.
FELICITY: Come on! (to Hannah) You should see these websites he designs, they're wonderful.
HANNAH: Really! Maybe you should do one for me! I could get students off the internet.
Felicity's really regretting saying that.
NOEL: Uh, yeah. Sure. I mean
HANNAH: I mean, I'd pay you, obviously.
NOEL: You wouldn't have to, I'd do it for free.
HANNAH: Well look, I have to run, but you should definatly call me. (hands him a flyer)
NOEL: Well, okay, (to Felicity) do you have a pen?
FELICITY: Her number's on the flier.
NOEL: There it is. Okay, well I'll call you.
HANNAH: I'm so glad I saw you!
NOEL: Yes! (she hugs him) Whoa! It's great! (awkwardly) Great.
FELICITY VO: And then Hannah hugged me. (Felicity hugs Hannah) Well, that's not really the truth. I hugged her. But I felt so stupid just standing there! I had to do something!
HANNAH: Okay, well, see you guys!
NOEL: Okay.
Hannah leaves. Noel looks at the flyer.
NOEL: That was wierd.
FELICITY: No. That wasn't weird at all.
Opening credits.

Special guest star:
Jennifer Garner
Guest starring:
Jim Ortlieb

Noel's. He's on the phone.
NOEL: Hey.
FELICITY: I don't think we can hang out here anymore I just ran into Sean in the living room and we had the most awkward conversation we've ever had.
NOEL: (into the phone) Uh, okay tomorrow's booked. What about the weekend? No? Man, you're the busiest unemployed person I've ever known.
FELICITY: Is that Hannah?!
NOEL: (semi-nods to Felicity) Right. Yeah, he lives here? Didn't he like, go into the army or something? Yeah, that works for me it'll take like an hour but... Okay I'll see you then. Yeah, you too. Bye. (hangs up)
FELICITY: You called Hannah?
NOEL: No, uh, Hannah called me. She had some ideas about the website, so...
FELICITY: Wow, she's not wasting time.
NOEL: C'mon it'll be good practice for me. You know that.
Felicity nods nervously.
NOEL: You don't want me to do this, do you.
FELICITY: No, I just... It wasn't supposed to happen.
NOEL: What does that mean it wasn't supposed to happen.
FELICITY: You haven't seen her since what, freshman year and all of a sudden, she's right there! Like... where'd she come from!
NOEL: She didn't come from anywhere you were with me we ran into her on the street.
FELICITY: Nonono I know that, I just... I wasn't expecting her.
NOEL: Neither was I.
FELICITY: I know. Sorry.
NOEL: Look, I don't have to do this. If you don't want me to...
FELICITY: No! I do. It's fine.
NOEL: Are you sure?
FELICITY: Yes! Please, do it. Seriously.

Felicity eats cereal out of the box and watches TV while Meghan does her makeup.
FELICITY: I cannot believe he's doing it.
MEGHAN: I thought you told him to!
FELICITY: (isn't this obvious) Yes, I did, but I didn't mean it. I mean, what is going on? This is not how this was supposed to happen. Hannah wasn't here before!
MEGHAN: Before.
FELICITY: Yeah, before! Last time she wasn't here. I mean, what is she doing here?
MEGHAN: God, have you never heard of a little thing called the time-space continum? You change one thing, everything changes.
FELICITY: So what, choosing Noel changed everything?
MEGHAN: Yes! And so does eating cereal and watching crappy daytime TV. It's all different now. The ripple effect. One little decision is not just one little decision anymore.
FELICITY: Oh my god you're right this is my fault. Last time we didn't go the street fair the only reason we went was because we were avoiding Ben!
MEGHAN: Who you were going out with (air quotes) "last time."
FELICITY: The ripple effect.
MEGHAN: Next time, be a more responsible time traveler. (gets her coat) By the way, are you ever going to class?
FELICITY: Why? I already graduated.
MEGHAN: Oh, right, I forgot. You might want to check with UNY, see if they accept time travel credits? Unless you brought your future diploma with you? (turns off the TV) Otherwise you could be screwed.
FELICITY: You're right, maybe I should go. Meghan! All this time-space continum stuff you're talking about. Does this mean you actually believe me?
MEGHAN: What, that you actually traveled back from the future? No. I might be weird, but I'm not a freak show.
Felicity's face falls.

Cut to Ben at Dean and Deluca, sitting at a table with his books and a coffee, looking really depressed. He stares out the window. Javier comes up to him.
JAVIER: Hi. Excuse me, Mr. Silly Student.
BEN: Uh, sorry. I'll get back to work.
JAVIER: No, no. Forget work. I need a favor.
BEN: Okay.
JAVIER: I have decided to audition for (my most sincere appologies for spelling) "Man of la Mancha," which you have to admit, I'm perfect for.
BEN: What's "Man of la Mancha."
JAVIER: It's only like one of hte greatest musicals of all time. It's the story of a man who thinks he's Don Quixote, the great Spanish knight who believes in love and dreaming the impossible dream! (smiles giddily) Okay, well never mind it's not important. I need your help.
BEN: Javier, I don't know anything about acting.
JAVIER: Believe me, you're not my first pick. I already asked Felicity but- Oh! I'm sorry Benjamin I didn't mean to say the F word...
BEN: Javier. You can say her name. It's fine.
JAVIER: Okay, well, all I need you to do is listen to my monologue and then tell me what you think.
BEN: I'll listen, but I'm not gonna be any help.
JAVIER: Of course you are! Okay. (deep breath) Here goes. Dear god! It is she! Sweet lady! Fair virgin!
BEN: Javier there's a, there's a customer-
JAVIER: I dare not gaze upon thy countinence, lest I be blinded by beauty! (Ben gets up and goes to the counter to help the woman. Javier follows.) But I implore thee, speak once they name!
BEN: Hi.
BEN: Yeah, that's good.
JAVIER: Good, yes?
BEN: Good job.
JAVIER: That's your in depth critisism?
BEN: Yeah.
JAVIER: Were you even listening?
BEN: Yeah I was listening but I'm gonna help the customer now.
JAVIER: I hope you're more help to her than you were to me! (to customer) Enjoy your mochachino. Sorry.

Cut to Sean entering the loft. Noal is at the counter.
NOEL: Uh, hey, Sharon from the homeloaners associates called like three times.
SEAN: Right.
NOEL: Yeah congratulations you got your own stalker, sort of.
SEAN: Hey, uh, things with you and Felicity are pretty good right?
NOEL: Yeah, they're fine.
SEAN: I thought so.
Sean goes to the table and sits down. Noel follows him.
NOEL: (suspicious) No wait. What does that mean. You thought so.
SEAN: I wanna call Julie.
NOEL: Julie. (beat) Julie Emrick?!
SEAN: Yeah, that's the one. It's just ever since this, uh, this thing happened with you and Felicity I can't stop thinking about her.
NOEL: Wow, Sean, I didn't, I didn't know you guys talked.
SEAN: Yeah, well, we e-mail. And I've had her number in my wallet for months.
NOEL: Huh.
SEAN: And I've always had this thing for her. You know how those things go. They never go away.
NOEL: And Julie's um, I mean she's interested?
SEAN: I don't know, I mean when she writes to me she says that she really wishes she had someone just like me in her life, so...
NOEL: Of course she does, Sean, everyone wants someone just like you in their life, you're great. You're smart, you're funny...
SEAN: You're scaring me.
NOEL: You dress well... sorry.
SEAN: Anyway. Her number's just sitting in my wallet. Waiting.
Noel looks at him, a little concerned.

Cut to Javier outside Elena's door. She's packing some of Tracy's things up, her back to him.
JAVIER: Oh it's the breakup box isn't it.
Elena turns around.
ELENA: Oh, yeah. I haven't seen Tracy since we decided to call off the wedding, I thought he should at least have his stuff.
JAVIER: That's the saddest part, it's like a little grave for your love. So, I was wondering if I could ask you a favor. And if this is a bad time because you are in a heartbreak hotel, I understand.
ELENA: No, what do you need?
JAVIER: I want to audition for this musical "Man of la Mancha." And I need some feedback.
ELENA: Okay.
JAVIER: It won't take long, I promise and cross my heart and hope to die. And besides it will take your mind off all of your troubles!
ELENA: Javier, I said yes.
JAVIER: Really? Wow I got to start listening better. Okay I just need help with this scene.
ELENA: Well what about your song?
JAVIER: I'm singing "Impossible Dream."
ELENA: And your dance?
JAVIER: My dance. What dance. I don't have a dance.
ELENA: Well you need a dance. You want the lead, don't you? In order to do that you need to be a triple threat: actor, singer, dancer.
JAVIER: Wow. Do you really think I can get Don Quixote?
ELENA: It doesn't matter what I think, you have to know it. So why don't you come back tomorrow and wow me with a complete audition. Song, scene, dance. You do that, Don Quixote will be yours.
JAVIER: Wow, this is fantastic! You're like his faithful sidekick!
ELENA: Hey. I'm nobody's sidekick. And don't you forget it.
JAVIER: Okay. Right. I'm just going to go practice my dance moves!

Felicity on the phone.
FELICITY: No Dad I'm not kidding. Yes, I'm premed now... Oh, I'm excited too. Right. I was thinking about that as well, and unless you're uncomfortable paying for it... That would be great!
FELICITY VO: The great thing about time travel is that you can solve a lot of your old problems. Like tuition.
She continues to talk to her dad.
Cut to Felicity walking down a hall.
FELICITY VO: But then again, it doesn't solve everything.

Cut to Hodges's O-Chem class. Felicity enters just as Hodges is about to close the door.
FELICITY: Organic chemistry?
HODGES: You just made it. Door locks on the hour. Take a seat.
Felicity notices Ben in the class. The only empty seat is behind him. She sits.
HODGES: Alright, books away. We're starting with a quiz. Structure and bonding of molecules.
BEN: What're you doing here.
FELICITY: I haven't had a chance to tell you yet, I'm premed now.
BEN: Since when are you premed.
FELICITY: I know this is confusing, and organic chemistry's a requirement-
BEN: I know it is but did you have to be in this class?
FELICITY: I didn't know you were in here.
Hodges hands out the tests.
HODGES: Face front people, (to Ben) this means you. (taps his book) Books away.
FELICITY: Hey, I'll change classes.
BEN: Good.
FELICITY VO: I knew I'd done the right thing, I mean, breaking up with him. But still, it's hard. We were together so long... Maybe it's like in chemistry where certain elements are just attracted to each other. Nomatter what the conditions.

Hannah's refridgerator opens, reavealing a bottle of ketchup, a bottle of juice, yogurt, a lime, and bottles of Aquafina. Mozart (or another classical period composer) plays in the background.
NOEL: Wow. Last time I was here was what, three years ago? I swear, that is the same bottle of ketchup you had then.
HANNAH: It's what they taught us in music school. Condimate conservation. Preparation for being a starving artist.
NOEL: Everything just takes a little longer than you think it will, that's all.
Hannah sits down on the couch with a water. Noel picks up a CD on the desk.
NOEL: (excitedly) What is this?!
HANNAH: Oh. That is, uh, that is my demo CD.
NOEL: Demo CD?
HANNAH: Yeah. Hey you know what's on there? That piece you helped me with. Remember, the, uh, the fugue.
NOEL: Yeah! Oh, wow!
HANNAH: It turned out really well, all things considered. (Noel looks at the CD) So I can't believe you and Felicity are still together. I mean, I think it's great...
NOEL: Yeah. I mean it's not still, it just kinda, happened. Couple weeks ago, it just sorta came out of left field.
HANNAH: But you're happy now, it's what you want?
NOEL: Yeah. What about you? You gotta be with someone.
HANNAH: No, not anymore. I was engaged. But it didn't work out.
NOEL: Sorry. His loss.
HANNAH: Seeing you, it's just like home. We have this history...
NOEL: Yeah. We do.
HANNAH: I think about you a lot.
NOEL: I think about you too. (very long pause) Wow, I should go.
HANNAH: No, I'm sorry.
HANNAH: I shouldn't have said anything.
NOEL: No. No, no. I just, uh, I just have to be, I just have to go. Uh, um, I'll just, I'll call you. Okay?
HANNAH: Okay! Okay..
NOEL: Okay. Bye.
He leaves. Hannah sighs.

Noel and Felicity, Felicity's room. Felicity runs around, getting ready for class. Noel sits.
FELICITY: I just spent an hour filling out drop ads at the registrar's office only to find out that I can't change the class. I don't have a choice. And now it's gonna be so awkward. I have to take the class and no matter where I sit I'll be feeling Ben avoiding me. What, you don't think I should take it?
NOEL: No, I wasn't thinking about that.
FELICITY: What were you thinking about?
NOEL: Uh, about last night. I think Hannah wants to get back together with me.
FELICITY: What?! Did she say that?!
NOEL: No, she didn't. Well not those exact words.
FELICITY: What were the exact words.
NOEL: She said that I've been on her mind, a lot.
FELICITY: On her mind a lot?! She is unbelievable! What else did she say?
NOEL: She wondered whether I ever thought about giving us another chance.
FELICITY: Oh my god! Every time she's here she does the exact same thing it's like a flashback within a flashback! What did you say?
NOEL: Nothing. No, I left.
FELICITY: Why didn't you tell me about this last night?
NOEL: Because it's stupid, you know, it doesn't mean anything.
FELICITY: If it's stupid, then why are you telling me now.
NOEL: Because I woke up this morning and I realized that I don't want to keep anything from you.
FELICITY: Is that the reason or do you secretly wanna be with Hannah.
NOEL: No, I don't. I don't wanna be with her. I wanna be with you. And I'm not even gonna do her website.
FELICITY: Because, I've come too far for you all of a sudden to end up with Hannah. Okay?
NOEL: Okay.
She leaves.

Sean opens the door to the loft. Meghan is standing in the middle of the room. THERE IS NO FURNATURE.
SEAN: (cheerfully) Hey!
MEGHAN: No. This is not a conversation that starts with "hey." What the hell is going on here?!
SEAN: (laughs nervously) I don't know if you know but you're supposed to redo the floors every like six years. And... yeah, I haven't done it... ever. So I figured this is a good time to do it, and to do that they gotta remove all the furnature.
MEGHAN: You are the worst lier in the world.
SEAN: Okay, that isn't fair.
MEGHAN: You're not getting the floors redone.
SEAN: Well I could be.
MEGHAN: Are you?
MEGHAN: So? (gestures to all the empty space)
SEAN: So... okay the truth is that... I'm in a ... I'm in a financial bind.
MEGHAN: How much?
SEAN: And they had to remove- reposess a lot of furnature.
MEGHAN: How much?
SEAN: Fifty thousand dollars.
MEGHAN: Fifty thousand dollars?!
SEAN: Okay that was not the responce I was looking for.
MEGHAN: Fifty thousand dollars I don't even know how to spend fifty thousand dollars.
SEAN: Okay you know what? Stop saying fifty thousand dollars! Okay? I know the number, it's in my head.
MEGHAN: When were you planning on telling me about this? I mean, were you hoping I'd go blind and not notice that there was no furnature in the apartment?
SEAN: No, you know what, I didn't have a plan. I don't know, I was embarassed. And I knew that you'd make me feel bad.
MEGHAN: It's fifty thousand dollars. You should feel bad.
SEAN: See, that's what I'm talking about! Right there!
MEGHAN: I don't understand.
SEAN: Exactly! You don't understand.
MEGHAN: Oh, now you're mad at me?
SEAN: I just don't think that you even wanna understand.
MEGHAN: You know what I want? I wanna sit down. But there are no chairs here. So I'm gonna go to my apartment, where there are chairs. Why don't you call me when you stop being such a jerk.
She storms out. Sean considers for a second, then follows.
SEAN: Hey.
He opens the door. Meghan is at the end of the hall already.
SEAN: You know what, it's not fifty thousand dollars! It's fifty-five thousand four hundred and twelve dollars I rounded down!
Meghan keeps walking.

Cut to O-Chem. Hodges holds the stack of quizzes from the class before.
HODGES: Now, with a couple of exceptions, the performance on this quiz is as dismal as I've ever seen. (Felicity and Ben look nervous) Do better, people. Or there're going to be some empty chairs in here very soon. (he places the stack on the desk) Good afternoon.
The students get up to collect their tests. Felicity gets there first and looks through them. They are mostly D's and C's. She finds hers, with an 'A' on it. Felicity pulls it out.
HODGES: Nice work Miss Porter. Keep it up.
She leaves as Ben comes up to the desk. He finds his, with an 'F'. Ben looks at Hodges, who looks sternly back. Ben looks depressed, again.

Cut to outside the classroom. Felicity waits for Ben.
FELICITY: Ben, listen, I talked to him but they won't let me change classes.
BEN: It doesn't matter. I'm dropping premed.
Ben walks away.

Cut to Noel outside the loft. A large yellow envelope is leaning against the door. He opens it, to find Hannah's demo CD with a note. Something about how it was great to see him.

Cut to Noel's room. Hannah's fugue plays. Sean comes to the door.
SEAN: What's with the culture?
NOEL: What's with the furnature?
SEAN: Um, okay, fair question. Um, it's a money thing I'm sort of going through a personal down
NOEL: Is that what all the messages on the answering machine were about?
SEAN: Exactly, yeah.
NOEL: Can I help?
SEAN: Nope, no. Thanks, Noel. (he sits down and takes Hannah's CD from Noel) This classical stuff isn't bad!
NOEL: Uh, yeah, that's Hannah's.
SEAN: Wow, she's good, and cute! I forgot how cute she was.
NOEL: She's... I know.
SEAN: (gives the CD back) So I did it, I did it, I called Julie. I'm telling you, it was a great conversation. Amazing. Really. And she's coming here next weekend.
NOEL: Really?
SEAN: Yeah, I kept thinking, this is my time, right? I should be out there, exploring, you know? I got the rest of my life to be tied down. (Noel looks like this isn't such a good idea) What? You think I made a mistake?
NOEL: No! I mean, I don't know. I was just, um, I was thinking about Hannah, I ran into her yesterday, and she wants to get back together.
SEAN: What?! (Noel nods) You're not considering that, are you?
SEAN: Okay, good.
NOEL: No. Things with Felicity and I are... I don't know.
SEAN: What?
NOEL: Well, she's acting a little strange lately have you noticed that?
SEAN: Um, yeah, but everything's sorta strange right now.
NOEL: Yes, that's true I mean... Two weeks ago, if you'd have told me that I'd have the opertunity to be with Felicity? Or Hannah? I would've told you you were out of your mind.
SEAN: What about me? Suddenly I've got Meghan and Julie? Well, I don't have Julie, but it's a distinct possibility.
NOEL: See, it's weird, right?
SEAN: Yes. It is. Maybe you and I are just much more attractive and appealing than we thought we were.
NOEL: That's weird.
SEAN: Yeah. Probably not. I'll tell you what though, I'm definatly gonna sieze this opertunity cause in my experience, this kinda thing does not last.

Cut to a curtain with Javier beginning his dance routine behind it. Elena slouches in a chair, looking skeptical. Javier waves his arm behind the curtain and snaps his fingers.
JAVIER: Five! Six! Five, six, seven, eight!
Javier bursts through the curtains. I can't really describe his dancing in words. It's hilariously horrible. Elena looks like she can't believe it. Javier finishes his routine knealing on the floor with his hands over his head.
JAVIER: Okay what's wrong why are you looking like that.
ELENA: It's terrible.
JAVIER: What is.
ELENA: You, the dance, everything.
JAVIER: What should I do, the audition's tomorrow!
ELENA: Forget about it, you're never gonna get that part! You have some kind of dance dislexia or something. I can't work with you.
JAVIER: But I thought you said...
ELENA: Forget about what I said that was before I knew what I was dealing with. I can't work with you.
JAVIER: I can't be that bad!
ELENA: You're worse!
JAVIER: Okay now you're just being mean.
ELENA: No, I'm being honest. I'm saving both of us a lot of time and problems.
Elena leaves. Javier calls after her.
JAVIER: You should be ashamed to call yourself an acting coach!!

Someone knocks on the door to the loft. Ben opens it, revealing Felicity.
BEN: Hi.
FELICITY: What's, what's going on.
BEN: Nothing. He's in his room.
Ben turns away. Felicity walks in.
FELICITY: Ben, Ben, listen to me, about Hodges' class. You don't believe me, but you can get an 'A' in there. I'm sure of it. I can't tell you how sure.
BEN: Well, I'm not.
FELICITY: I'm not kidding. I know you can do it. I really- I know. If you want someone to study with, ever, I could help you. If you want.
BEN: Yeah, I don't think that's such a good idea.
Hannah's piano music plays in the background. Ben goes into his room.

Cut to Noel's room. he's working on Hannah's website. Felicity opens the door and enters.
NOEL: Hey! Hey, uh, I didn't hear you.
FELICITY: What're you listening to?
NOEL: Um, I'm listening to Hannah. Her CD.
FELICITY: You... bought her CD?
NOEL: Yeah. No. Well, she um, she dropped it off. She left it off. While I wasn't here.
FELICITY: Is that- You're working on her website?
NOEL: Yeah, yeah, I was just-
FELICITY: I thought you said you weren't gonna do that.
NOEL: I know. But I had a couple of good ideas and uh, I'm not really spending that much time on it. I wasn't sure why I shouldn't be doing it, you know? Plus, like I said, it's good practice. So... And I guess I'm, I'm a little confused.
FELICITY: Confused? Uh, what're you confused about? Are you going back to Hannah because GOD THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!
NOEL: Hey! Whoa! Felicity just calm down.
FELICITY: I think I am pretty calm considering.
NOEL: You and I, we spent the summer here and it was, it was incredible. It was like everything we did, we just clicked.
FELICITY: Noel, I know we click, we've always clicked that's why we're together!
NOEL: But then there was that night on the roof and ever since then everything's been different! I don't even know who you are anymore!
FELICITY: What do you mean?!
NOEL: Well, what do I mean? I mean everything's been weird! Like the way we got together thing was wierd! And the way you've been acting, that's weird too!!
FELICITY: Why, how've I been acting?
NOEL: Like you're in a race, like your head's about to explode! I mean, it's just, it's freaky.
FELICITY: I'm freaking you out?
NOEL: Yeah, a little. You're freaking me out!
FELICITY: Okay, Noel, I will stop freaking you out.
NOEL: No, see, the way you said that, it still freaked me out!
FELICITY: Do you wanna slow things down? 'Cause I can do that.
NOEL: Slow down. Yes.
NOEL: Okay.
FELICITY: I will do that then.
Felicity smiles. Noel doesn't smile back, still a little freaked out.
NOEL: Well, you're still freaking me out.
FELICITY: Well, I promise I'll stop.
Noel looks even more freaked out. The fugue ends, with a trill.

Felicity's room.
FELICITY: I can't believe I've come this far and all I'm doing is freaking him out!
MEGHAN: (reading a magazine) You're a time traveler, what'd you expect.
FELICITY: And now he wants to slow things down?
MEGHAN: You know what you should do? You should go over Hannah's place right now and just kick her ass.
FELICITY: (calming down a little) I'm not gonna kick anybody's ass.
MEGHAN: C'mon! Think about how good it would feel. A good old fashioned ass kicking.
FELICITY: You didn't see her. She's in amazing shape.
(Transcriber's note: Jennifer Garner is the star of Alias, where she plays a double agent. She IS in good shape.)
MEGHAN: Well isn't that the point of this whole psychotic adventure? Go back in time and do things differently?
FELICITY: The point was to go back in time and do the things that I wanted to do!
MEGHAN: Then just go over to her house and give her a little piece of your mind. Tell her to back off your man.
FELICITY: (sits down) Yes, that'll work. (thinks) If I had a CD, there's no way I'd put my picture on the cover.
MEGHAN: Seriously. Go kick her ass.

Cut to Hannah's, piano, two sets of hands. Hannah plays a scale. Shot from behind, Hannah and Felicity sit at the piano. Felicity plays the scale an octave up, fumbling slightly, fingers stiff.
HANNAH: Good! (nods) Let's try the next key.
FELICITY: I didn't really come here to take piano lessons.
HANNAH: Yeah... I kind of figured that.
FELICITY: Um, I just, I wanted to talk to you about Noel.
HANNAH: What about him?
FELICITY: Well, uh, this is a little hard to explain... I've been through a lot. I mean, a lot to be with him. And I just really wanna give this, us, me and Noel, a chance. But you know how guys get when ex girlfriends reappear.
HANNAH: (not outwarding mocking) No. How do they get.
FELICITY: Well, they get confused. And I just don't want that to happen to Noel.
HANNAH: He's confused.
FELICITY: (a little defensive) No. No. I don't want him to get confused. Um, I just don't know how much time I have.
HANNAH: God, are you sick?!
FELICITY: No no, no. I'm not. No. I- I just really wanna be with him.
FELICITY: Okay, really?
HANNAH: If you and Noel are together-
HANNAH: -then I don't wanna get between you guys.
FELICITY: Hannah, thank you so much, I knew you would understand.
Felicity tries to smile. Hannah tries to smile back.

Cut to Dean and Deluca. A guy is pulling money out to pay, and taking his time.
GUY: Here you go.
JAVIER: (bored) No rush.
Elena comes up to the counter.
JAVIER: Oh no. (waving his fingers at her) No. Uh uh. I don't wanna hear anymore about how terrible I am!
ELENA: Javier, I'm sorry.
JAVIER: For what? (waves his arms in circles on either side) For stomping on my dreams? (to guy, handing him his drink) Careful, it's hot.
ELENA: I know it's no excuse, but I got really bad news, I got a letter from Tracy. He went to Zambia on a church mission.
JAVIER: Oh. But that's so far away.
ELENA: I know. I was upset, and I took it out on you. I'm really sorry. So if you wanna try again, I...
JAVIER: No no. You are right, I'm got gonna make it as an actor.
ELENA: What?! So you're just gonna quit?!
JAVIER: I mean, you said it yourself I'm terrible. (counts on his fingers) I can't sing, I can't dance, I have an accent, some people say, I mean I'm not even a single threat.
ELENA: You can't just give up! That was one critisism. You gotta be able to take a lot more than that to make it in this life. This is your dream! You gotta follow it! Don Quixote would!
JAVIER: You really think so?
ELENA: Yeah.
Javier looks around, and smiles.
JAVIER: Can you operate complicated machinery?
Javier grabs a random worker's apron off of him and hands it to Elena.
JAVIER: I have an audition to get to!
They giggle, and Javier runs out.

Cut to Sean openin the door to the loft. He looks around. ALL THE FURNATURE IS BACK!
SEAN: Whoa...
MEGHAN OC: I know, how great am I. (she walks down the stairs) You're in debt, you felt bad, I was mean, I understand.
SEAN: (not as happy as he should be) Wait wait. You did this?
MEGHAN: Well, technically my father did it, but he doesn't have to know all the little details about where the money went.
SEAN: I can't accept it.
MEGHAN: Okay, fine, we'll tell him the truth. I mean, what's the difference. Furnature, Greenpeace...
SEAN: No, I-I can't accept your money. Not from you, not from your father.
MEGHAN: What's the big deal? So, you'll pay me back. I know where you live. Anyway, you can make it up to me by taking me out to dinner tonight.
SEAN: Don't you undestand? See, don't wanna pay you back. I don't wanna have to pay you back.
MEGHAN: I don't understand. What is your problem? I finally do something nice for you and you act like this? This is rare event. You should take advantage.
SEAN: No, I- I don't want to take advantage, that's the whole- I can't accept your money.
SEAN: Fine.
MEGHAN: As long as you give me one good reason why you can't accept it. (Sean can't) Okay, fine, I'm gonna go get changed, you figure out where you're taking me to dinner tonight.
She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Cut to later. Meghan stands in front of the mirror.
MEGHAN: He could've been a little more appreaciative. I mean, c'mon, I saved his couch!
Felicity is lying on the bed.
FELICITY: Well at least he's taking you to dinner.
MEGHAN: Yeah, it was my idea. (she turns around) It's always my idea.
FELICITY: And you have good ideas. The whole thing with Hannah? Going over there, was the best thing I could've done. She backed right off.
MEGHAN: I still think you should've kicked her ass.
FELICITY: (laughs, yeah right) Yeah.
Someone knocks on the door.
MEGHAN: I'll get it. I'm leaving anyway.
She goes to the door.
FELICITY: (calls after her) Who is it? (Noel enters) Hey!
FELICITY: I didn't know you were coming over.
NOEL: You went to Hannah's apartment?!
FELICITY: Yeah. To take piano lessons.
NOEL: Felicity, tell me the truth. Are you dying?
NOEL: Because Hannah thinks you are she thinks you have some terminal illness or something.
FELICITY: Oh my god, I told her I was fine!
NOEL: Are you?
NOEL: 'Cause when she told me that everything seemed to make sense.
FELICITY: Noel, I'm not sick.
NOEL: She said you told her not to see me.
FELICITY: She said that?!
NOEL: You didn't, you didn't tell her not to see me.
FELICITY: She said it was okay she said she understood!
NOEL: Well I don't understand, what'd you think you were doing?
FELICITY: Noel, I just wanna give us a chance! To be together! To see if this works. And we've only had a week together. A week, and then Hannah shows up!
NOEL: Yes! We've only had a week. Because the week before that, you were in love with Ben! And the three years before that! Do you realize how many times I've waited for you to decide who you wanna be with?
FELICITY: Okay. I made a mistake and I'm sorry. But Noel, what was I supposed to do? I saw what was going on and I didn't wanna just stand there and watch it happen-
NOEL: Felicity, you're supposed to wait. You're supposed to wait just like I waited!
FELICITY: You wanna be with Hannah.
NOEL: I don't know.
FELICITY: But you might.
They stare at each other, both looking hurt.
NOEL: (quietly) I have to go.
He walks away. Felicity looks down.

Felicity sits on her bed recording, like in the beginning of the episode.
FELICITY VO: Dear Sally. Remember last week when I told you I was stuck in the past? Well, I'm still here. But now something's happened which makes me wish I wasn't.
Someone knocks on the door. Felicity shuts off the tape recorder. She goes to the door and opens it to find Ben.
BEN: Hi. Is this a bad time?
FELICITY: No. No. What's going on?
BEN: You know how you said before that you'd help me?
BEN: Is that uh, I mean, you haven't changed your mind, have you?
FELICITY: (smiles) No. Why don't you come in.
BEN: Actually I was thinking we could just go to the lab.
FELICITY: Sure. I'll um, I'm just gonna go grab my coat.
BEN: Okay.

The loft. Sean hands Meghan a check.
MEGHAN: What the hell is this?
SEAN: It's a check for fifty thousand dollars.
MEGHAN: Yeah, I know what it is. Where'd it come from? Did you sell your organs?
SEAN: No. Uh, Noel gave it to me.
MEGHAN: Noel has fifty thousand dollars?
SEAN: Yeah. Part of the marriage settlement with Natalie. This lawyer showed up, and he gave it to Noel. Noel didn't even want it. It doesn't even matter. Noel-
MEGHAN: Let me get this straight. You won't take the money I offered you.
Sean sighs. They sit down.
SEAN: No. No, I told you, I can't do that.
MEGHAN: But you can take it from Noel? I don't get that! I'm your girlfriend.
Long pause. Sean rubs his head.
SEAN: I uh, called Julie.
MEGHAN: Who's Julie?
SEAN: Julie. Julie Emrick?
MEGHAN: Okay, so, what're you talking about?
Sean gets up.
SEAN: Meghan, you and I, right now you and I are not good. We argue all the time. And I'm not blaming you, it's not your fault. It's just, I don't know. Julie understands me.
MEGHAN: Oh my god. (rubs her head) You and Julie?
SEAN: I have no idea what's gonna happen, it's just now with the- if I'm gonna- (Meghan shakes her head, Sean sits down again) Hey. Hey, I'm sorry, I- this is not the way I wanted to tell you this. (Meghan scoffs) I didn't wanna hurt you. That's the last thing I wanted to do.
Meghan gets up and starts for the door. She turns around.
MEGHAN: (calm/murderous) I'm not the one who's gonna get hurt. You are.
Sean watches her go, and swallows.

Cut to the lab. They're disgusing chem stuff. I have no idea what the names of the bonds are, sorry.
FELICITY: A (?) bond is a positivly charged atoms and a negativly charged atoms. So...
BEN: So it's kinda like opposites attract.
FELICITY: Yes. Exactly. And then there are these (?) bonds which're a little bit more...
BEN: Platonic.
FELICITY: Yeah. Platonic.
They smile.
BEN: Can I ask you something?
BEN: When I, uh, came by your apartment tonight, you seemed kind of, you seemed kind of sad. You okay?
BEN: You and Noel are...
BEN: (smiles) You don't really wanna talk about it.
FELICITY: (smiles) No it's not that it's just, uh, you don't wanna hear it. It's, I mean, we'd probably end up here all night.
BEN: That's okay.
They stare at each other for a few seconds, then Ben looks down.
BEN: I'm gonna go get something to drink, you want something?
FELICITY: Ah, no. I'm all right. Thanks.
BEN: Okay.
He gets up.

Cut to Hannah's apartment. Hannah and Noel are looking at her site on a laptop.
HANNAH: I like the
NOEL: Oh good! Good.
HANNAH: He's so,
NOEL: Well... I'm sorry about Felicity coming over.
HANNAH: That's okay.
NOEL: We had a huge fight about it.
HANNAH: Oh, god, I hope I didn't make things worse.
NOEL: No, nonono. Remember I told you this whole thing sorta came out of left field. I just told her, you know, that I needed some time... to uh, figure things out.
HANNAH: Figure what out.
NOEL: I don't know. I guess... I guess what I want.
He looks at her, then back at the laptop.

Cut to the lab. Ben enters with two sodas.
BEN: I know you didn't want one, but I got you one anyway.
BEN: So uh, where, where were we.
FELICITY: We were talking about molecular bonds.
BEN: Right, how uh, opposites attract.
They're sitting very close. Ben keeps staring at Felicity, who is looking at the papers.
FELICITY: (nods) Right. Um, but we could move on if you're ready...
BEN: No, I'm not.
He leans in and kisses her gently, pulls away a little, then kisses her again, slowly. Felicity brings her hands around his neck as they continue to kiss.

Cut to Hannah's. Noel shows her around the website. Just his hand on the keyboard and the back of the screen is visible.
NOEL: So you just, uh, click on the piano like-
Hannah's hand joins Noel's on the keyboard, he guides her finger.
NOEL: Here. There you go.
Full view of them sitting behind the laptop. Hannah smiles.
HANNAH: You used the fugue. (laughs) You put the fugue on there!
NOEL: Well, you know I love a good fugue, so...
HANNAH: I can't believe you did all this in like a day. You're amazing.
NOEL: I was inspired. (Noel! Bad Noel!)
HANNAH: By what?
Noel leans in and they kiss.

Cut to Felicity and Ben, their kisses heating up a little, becoming more urgent.

Noel lies Hannah down on her back, and lies on top of her as they kiss. Hannah leans her head to the side as Noel kisses down her neck to her collar bone.

Felicity and Ben kiss passionatly. As they catch their breath, Felicity pulls away.
FELICITY: Wait a minute I can't do this. I came here for Noel.
She sighs and covers her eyes with her hand.
BEN: You came here for Noel?
FELICITY: Ben, I'm sorry, I just...
Ben picks up his stuff and leaves. Felicity looks like she's thinking she screwed everything up.

Cut back to Hannah's. Noel kisses her chest. He looks at her, then sits up.
NOEL: I'm sorry. I just, uh, I haven't given this thing with Felicity a chance. Yeah.
Hannah sits up and sighs.
NOEL: You okay?
HANNAH: I'm just dissapointed.

Cut to Felicity in bed. The phone rings. She reaches over and gets it.
NOEL'S VOICE: Hey. It's me.
NOEL'S VOICE: What're you doing?
FELICITY: Nothing. (pause) Are you still there?
FELICITY: Did you have a nice night?
NOEL'S VOICE: All I could think about was you.
FELICITY: Yeah, me too.
Knock on the door.
FELICITY: Hold on a second, okay?
She gets up and goes to the door. Noel stands outside on his cellphone.
NOEL: I'm on hold.
They both smile. Noel closes the phone and kisses Felicity. As she puts her arms around his neck, he closes the door.
Shot of door number 1102.

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