Episode 20 - Spin The Bottle

In an episode keeping with Felicity's recent trip back in time to be with Noel instead of Ben, original cast member Amy Jo Johnson returns as soulful musician Julie Emrick.

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  • The state of Felicity: Ben enters O-Chem class with a smirk on his face and Felicity can't help herself but ask why. With utter confidence he explains their kiss the week before demonstrated she's not over him and he just hopes by the time she dumps Noel again he'll still be available. Flabbergasted by his theory she switches lab partners. Noel is looking for an apartment of his own and realizes, with rent being so high, he'll need to get a roommate. He asks Felicity to move in with him.
  • Follow the tickets: Sean is excited about Julie's visit and shops for all her favorite foods. Ben warns him things might not turn out as Sean hopes. Julie arrives while Sean's at the store and Ben is the only one home. Ben makes it clear that Sean has romantic intentions for the visit and Julie feels guilty that she missed the signs. She promises to let Sean down easily and agrees to meet up with Ben later. When Sean comes home, with flowers in hand, Julie awkwardly and painfully lets Sean know she's not interested. His plans for the visit, including tickets to a Tart concert, fall to pieces and Julie goes to stay at Felicity's place. She asks Felicity if it would be alright for her to try dating Ben. Felicity says she's okay with it and Julie asks Ben to go to the Tart concert. Ben tells Sean he's going on a date with Julie and Sean asks for his Tart tickets back.
  • You spin me right round, baby right round: Felicity warns Ben that if he's using Julie to get back at her he should be careful. He sees this as another sign Felicity isn't over him. During their argument Ben suggests Felicity and Noel accompany them on their date that night, almost as a dare. Not willing to back down, Felicity agrees. During dinner Noel mentions he and Felicity are moving in together. Ben reminisces about the one day he and Felicity spent in their own apartment, putting her on the spot and making her feel miserable. They step away from the table and Ben apologizes, but says he doesn't understand what happened or why they broke up. She hasn't given him a good explanation so far and can't seem to come up with one now. Meanwhile, Sean runs into Meghan at Epstein Bar and invites her to the Tart concert. They get back to the loft and find Ben, Julie, Felicity and Noel hanging out. Meghan suggests they all play spin the bottle. Felicity is forced to kiss Ben... then Ben must kiss Julie. As their kiss turns more passionate, Felicity looks more and more stricken at the sight. Noel leaves.
  • How does it all end: Sean tells Meghan he had a good time and he's over the fantasy of Julie. He says he loves her and apologizes for hurting her but Meghan retorts that she's not hurt, she just doesn't want him anymore, and walks out the door. Felicity finds Noel sitting and thinking. He says they can't live together because he doesn't inhabit her the way Ben does. Noel explains, whatever Ben did to hurt her it wasn't enough because he's not out of her system. She begs him not to break things off but he leaves anyway.
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