Episode 3: Your Money or Your Wife

Sean, who's stressed out by money-related woes, ruins the dinner Meghan planned for the two of them and their parents by feuding with his father. Also, Felicity tells Javier about Noel (who's considering moving out of the loft) and attempts to patch things up with Ben, who is concerned about his chances of completing medical school.


  • Now married, Sean and Meghan face the task of introducing their parents.
  • Sean is reluctant to introduce his colorful parents to Meghan's wealthy family, but she insists that they meet for dinner.
  • Sean becomes stressed over the situation and the fact that he is $60,000 in debt.
  • Sean is embarassed when his father tries to convince Mr. Rotundi to invest in his "screwless chair" idea.
  • Sean and his father argue in front of everyone, but eventually they make their peace.
  • Sean is saved when Noel loans him money from his divorce settlement from Natalie.
  • Meghan's father warns her that she will be cut out of her family and inheritance unless she annuls her marriage to Sean.
  • Felicity is also looking for money to pay for her college tuition.
  • After failing to get a loan or scholarship, Javier convinces Felicity to apply for a local beauty pageant to win scholarship money.
  • Ben struggles with his chemistry labs but improves with Elena's tutoring.
  • Elena tries to get her mind off her failed engagement to Tracy and goes for a drink with Ben's lab partner.

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