Episode 4: Miss Conception

As Felicity reluctantly gears up for her beauty-pageant debut, something else that could severely impact her life comes to light---a home-pregnancy test is positive. Noel, meanwhile, decides to take a job as a guidance counselor at his alma mater---which also makes him Ben's counselor.


  • Felicity enters the Sunrise Surprise Beauty Pageant hoping to win the $10,000 scholarship prize.
  • Felicity takes a home pregancy test and tests positive.
  • Felicity is worried that it may be Noel's baby, and tells Noel but not Ben about the possible pregnancy. She decides to take a blood test to confirm it.
  • Ben finds her invoice for the pregnancy test and learns that she confided in Noel about it.
  • Ben confronts Felicity about it, and she explains that she didn't want to burden him with the worry.
  • Felicity wins the evening gown portion of the pageant but does not win the scholarship money she needed.
  • Felicity learns that she isn't pregnant after all.
  • Meghan's father asserts that they are serious about cutting her out of the inheritance if she stays with Sean.
  • He feels that he won't be able to provide her with financial stability.
  • Meghan finally tells Sean about her father's threat but they both agree to stay married.
  • Noel visits the university guidance counsellor and is offered the counsellor's job.
  • He accepts, and offers a TA position to Felicity to help offset her tuition costs.

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