Episode 5: Boooz

After getting kicked out of organic chemistry, Ben and his lab partner drown their misery in booze. Meanwhile, Javier and Noel go to a Lionel Richie concert; and Felicity's students chastise their TA for her participation in a beauty pageant.

  • Felicity takes a job as a teaching assistant.


  • When the art professor gets arrested for shoplifting, Felicity finds herself running the class.
  • Felicity fails to get respect from her new students due to her appearance in the recent beauty pageant.
  • Felicity decides to confront the students head on and wears her evening gown to class.
  • Javier gets into a fight with Samuel and convinces Noel to go to Atlantic city with him to see Lionel Ritchie.
  • They discover that the concert is sold out and try to win funds at the slot machines to pay a ticket scalper.
  • Noel and Javier lose all of their money but meet Lionel Ritchie in the men's room.
  • Ben and his lab partner Trevor get kicked out of their chemistry class when they argue with their professor about a recent exam.
  • They decide to drown their frustrations at a local bar and Trevor continues his drinking at Felicity's Halloween party.
  • Trevor falls into a coma but Ben saves him in time.
  • Ben approaches his professor and asks why couldn't have been more helpful and understanding towards them.
  • His professor apologizes for his actions and allows Ben and Trevor back into the class.
  • Meghan and Sean argue when Sean tries to sell one of Meghan's fashion ideas... the sock shirt
  • Meghan realizes that her look isn't as original as she perceived and gets rid of her old look -- instead adopting a style similar to Jackie O.

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