Episode 6: Ooops I Did It Again

Diagnosed with liver failure, Ben's father asks his son to assume power of attorney. Meanwhile, Noel causes two flaky freshmen to move into Felicity and Elena's apartment---a living arrangement that is anything but amicable. Felicity also worries that the professor for whom she is a TA is interested in her romantically.



  • Ben learns that his father is dying in a New York hospital from a failing liver.
  • Ben reluctantly visits his father, cancelling plans to celebrate Felicity's birthday in Vermont.
  • Ben's father asks Ben to assume power of attorney. He asks that he will not be put on life support.
  • Ben agrees to take on the responsiblity, but in the end tells the doctors to do whatever they can to keep his father alive. Felicity struggles with her teaching assistant job with Professor Cavallo.
  • When her professor asks her to go to lunch, Felicity assumes he is flirting with her.
  • She confronts Professor Cavallo and he assures her that he only thinks of her as a colleague.
  • Noel hates his job as a guidance counsellor at the university.
  • Noel unknowingly arranges for two freshman girls to live in the same dorm apartment as Felicity and Elena.
  • Noel sees Ben comforting his father's female friend on the street and assumes that he is cheating on Felicity.
  • Noel accuses Ben of cheating on Felicity and tells Ben that they recently slept together.

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