Episode 8: The Last Thanksgiving

A big Thanksgiving dinner at the gals' apartment ends up being more than a little uncomfortable for everyone when Ben brings Lauren along as his date.

  • Meghan and Sean plan a big Thanksgiving celebration at Felicity's apartment.



Felicity finds out from Ben that he can't forgive her.



  • Ben declines the invitation, not wanting to see Felicity.
  • Noel also excuses himself, instead planning to go to a restaurant with his older brother.
  • Elena enjoys spending time with Trevor, but worries he's not that smart.
  • Meghan advises her to give him a foolproof test that weeds out dumb guys.
  • Elena begins to nonchalantly slip him questions during dinner.
  • When he realizes she's quizzing him, he assures her he knows one thing... that they're right for each other.
  • Ben and his father's AA friend Lauren find themselves without plans for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Lauren insists that they spend the holiday with Ben's friends.
  • Ben agrees, wanting to hurt Felicity by showing up with another woman.
  • At dinner he can't hide his contempt for Felicity and his biting remarks drive her from the table.
  • Later he apologizes and the two succumb to old feelings of love.
  • After they make love, Ben admits he still can't forgive her and isn't ready to get back together.
  • Noel tells his brother Ryan about losing his job and sleeping with Felicity. His brother disapproves and Noel storms off.
  • Noel meets a beautiful girl in a bar but she later robs in by handcuffing him in the hotel room.
  • Noel is forced to call his brother for help who advises him to seek counselling to straighten out his life.

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