Episode 9: Lonelyhearts

Ben tells Felicity he wants to move on, but Javier stubbornly attempts to trick Felicity and her ex into seeing a play together.

  • Ben tells Felicity that he thinks their relationship is over and they should move on.



Ben sees Felicity working at Dean & Deluca.
Owen, Felicity's "rebound guy".
Ben and Lauren kiss.



  • Felicity is devastated by the news.
  • Ben asks out Lauren, his father's AA sponsor.
  • Elena tries to set up Felicity with Owen, and art grad student and fellow TA.
  • Javier tries to mend Felicity and Ben's relationship by giving them each a ticket to a play.
  • As Felicity waits outside the theatre for Javier, Ben shows up with Lauren.
  • Noel starts seeing a psychiatrist who suggests that he is suffering from depression.
  • Meghan confesses to Noel that she had suffered a similar problem.
  • Felicity asks Owen out on a date.
  • When Owen picks her up, Ben sees him and realizes he's not over Felicity.
  • Ben leaves her a phone message on her answering machine while she is on her date.
  • Felicity returns Ben's call, but he is in the midst of kissing Lauren.
  • Javier is pursued by Rita, a fellow classmate with an obvious interest in him.
  • Javier tells her that he is gay, and she assures him that she is only looking for a friend.

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