Felicity Porter
Ben Covington
Noel Crane
Elena Tyler
Meghan Rotundi
Sean Blumberg
Richard Coad
Javier Quintata

Julie Emrick

meghan rotundi is felicity's infamous roommate who has found herself in a deep relationship with sean


"Ben, I swear to God. Iím 8 years older than you. I mean, when you were born, I was already in little league, okay? Thatís a lifetime of experience."

- Sean convincing Ben to take his advice about Felicity


  • sean blumberg is ben's invention-creating roommate who is now famous for his docuventary series 
  • affable, loyal and friendly graduate student [??? later said he never went to college]
  • passionate about inventing things 
  • created a documentary about everyday college life in ny 
  • alleges to have sold 13 episodes of docuventary to independent film channel, with the option of 9 more for spring of 2001 
  • went to meghan's parents' swiss vacation home for the summer
  • take a look at some of sean's ideas in sean's idea book
  • ended up marrying meghan when tracy and elena's wedding fell through



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